it really does keep you warmer, you know...

Well, it finally happened. 

I have drifted off to the dark side…or rather the less than groomed side.  It started out with a simple lack of mascara.  One day I just stopped wearing it.  Then after a while it was nothing but lip gloss.  I told myself I was just letting my natural beauty shine through.  But I knew what it really was…just a little dose of lazy. 

The next thing to go was my fashion sense.  I used to dress so nice.  But since I don’t have to work every day, I pretty much stick to jeans, tank tops and flip flops.  When I ran out of my expensive girlie deodorant, I just decided to use the extra deodorant I bought for my husband.  Sometimes I don’t even bother to wear perfume. 

But today…today I dipped into a new low.  I have no excuse for myself.  None. 

I wore Capri pants without taking the time to shave my legs.  I could lie and say I didn’t notice, but the truth is, I knowingly pulled those Capris on with the full realization that I had a good week’s worth of stubble.  I could have taken the few minutes it would have taken to shave my legs.  It wouldn’t have been that much of an inconvenience.  I just didn’t feel like it.  It used to be a regular ritual along with my morning shower.  But now it was a just larger dose of that same lazy. And the worse part of it was that I was having lunch with two of my best friends today, and I didn’t even make an attempt to look my best. 

The good news is that my friends love me whether or not I look like a rock star.  I could have gone in sweat pants and they wouldn’t have cared.  But I need to start caring. 

For me.

Otherwise, the next step could be no showers…no deodorant!  I can’t let it get to that.  And I can’t keep telling everyone that I’m just trying to build my “winter coat” or that I’m going vintage European.  It’s time to go stock up on razors, and mascara.  It’s time to pull out my cute fall sweaters and put myself back together again. 

But I think I’ll wait until tomorrow afternoon to get started on that new project.  It’s supposed to be cold in the morning, so I’m planning on wearing a nice warm pair of sweat pants and a big sloppy sweater until it warms up a little. 

A girl deserves to be warm…doesn’t she?

Until the next time…I’ll be sporting my vintage winter coat for one more night!

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Posted on October 14, 2010 .