is that an ambulance coming or just a migraine?

It’s Friday night.  And an exhausting Friday it has been.  I had so many things in mind to write about, but I have decided to postpone all of my deep thoughts for another time.  For another day when I have time to gather things into one cohesive idea instead of the random thoughts coursing through my head at this moment in time. 

My thoughts…my feelings…are rushing by like the flashing lights of an approaching ambulance.  So many things have happened in the past few days…things that aren’t mine to share. 

The things that are mine to share…

My girls are getting geared up for the homecoming dance tomorrow night.  This will mean a day of primping and pampering to the extreme.  Elegant hair, painted nails, and just the right make-up, all must be tended to.  And the dresses we bought months ago must be pulled out and put on—the perfect jewelry and prettiest shoes as the finishing touches. 

The hair will be messed up from dancing within the first hour…the shoes abandoned even before that.  I often wonder why we bother to buy pretty shoes when they all but go barefoot for much of the night.  But that is not a topic to bring up to two teenage girls on the eve of the big dance.  And the homecoming dance is nothing if not a thinly veiled dress rehearsal for the prom less than six months away.  So we have to get it right or no one will be happy. 

My husband will miss out on all of the pre-dance fun…he has to take Mady to a chorus audition near the airport.  He will not be forced to endure the intensity of two teenage girls trying to prepare for the all importance homecoming festivities.  Instead, he will be surrounded by hundreds of teen and pre-teen girls all vying for the same few spots in a statewide chorus competition.  I’m not sure which one of us has the hardest task tomorrow.  I’ll just say, I’m glad he didn’t ask to trade places. 

And so, with all that I have in store for me tomorrow…and after all that I have had to think about today…I am going to bed. 

Tomorrow is another day…and all things heal themselves in time…

Until the next time…I’ll be letting nature take its course and having faith and trust in good karma!

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Posted on October 15, 2010 .