can you die from breathing in dog farts?

This is the question that my husband has been asking all evening as he attempts to watch TV and surf on his laptop while the dog sleeps at his feet…passing toxic dog gas all the while. 

I’m not sure of the answer, but I’m happily sitting near the dog’s head. 

Mike and I had an interesting day.  We took a little time to get out and experience the outside world, but for the most part, we stayed in and did nothing.  Mike woke up feeling less than exuberant, and I woke up with a horrible headache for the third day in a row.  His was sinuses.  Mine was high blood pressure.  My own stubborn behavior, and attempts to heal myself by using natural remedies, was thwarted by the fact that when your blood pressure gets high enough it feels as if your head might actually explode.  And since I was not interested in having my head explode, I came to the conclusion that modern medicine wasn’t so bad after all. 

Back on the blood pressure meds I go.

Now with any luck, the ringing in my ears and the headache will dissipate as the medication begins to work its magic.  Bad thing about this new discovery…it makes writing somewhat impossible.  So instead of an interesting blog, I will slip off to bed and heal myself by following doctor’s orders…this time anyway. 

And besides…it’s kind of dangerous being in this room.  I don’t know if you can die from breathing in dog farts, but I’m pretty sure if someone lights a match or if there is a spark of any kind, the house will blow up.  After all…a dog that weighs one hundred (plus) pounds can pass a whole lot of toxic gas!

Until the next time…I don’t care how cold it gets tonight, I’ll be sleeping with the windows open!

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Posted on November 10, 2010 .