a little thanksgiving foreshadowing

Well, Mike’s vacation is almost over and I have no idea where the time went!  The weather has been great.  But as the temperature went up, so did my blood pressure, putting a bit of a damper on the fun.  The good news is, the kids have been extra careful to be calm and kind in my presence which has been a nice change of pace.  And I already had a prescription for medicine that was collecting dust in my medicine basket.  I really hate taking medicine...it always makes me tired.

And by tired I mean I need to go to bed really early...like now!  I have an early appointment in the morning.

We are closing on our little piece of paradise tomorrow, so that will be the highlight of our week.  Of course, every silver lining has a dark cloud in it…we forgot the banks were closed today so we will be stopping at the bank first thing in the morning to get the certified check for the closing funds.  We will likely be late for the closing…but hey, no one said having it all would be easy!

Next on our “to do list” is to get the house ready for Thanksgiving.  Mike is building benches for the dining room table to give us more seating.  In an interesting twist of fate, we will be entertaining my sister’s ex husband for Thanksgiving dinner.  This will likely give me a month’s worth of hysterical blogs to write.  Anyone who is familiar with “Uncle Paul” (as we all still call him) should be fully aware of what I mean.  And no…I didn’t just randomly invite my ex brother-in-law for dinner.  My niece asked if she could bring him with her, and how could I say no?  The kids love him, and its Thanksgiving after all.  It’s a time for family.  And what is family without that crazy uncle everyone has?  This is the argument I used to convince my husband to set aside his reservations and open his heart to an extra family member. 

Let’s just say it should be interesting…at best!  

Until the next time…lots of sleep before tomorrow’s closing activities!

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Posted on November 11, 2010 .