rabbit stew?

Bugs Bunny would never forgive me.

Neither would the Easter bunny, the Cadbury bunny, or Peter Rabbit.

In addition to our newly purchased, free range organic, never frozen, locally raised turkey, we are cooking a rabbit for Thanksgiving. 

Let it just be said…this was not my idea.

To my knowledge, I have never before eaten rabbit.  I would much rather do with a simple turkey for our annual feast, but apparently the pilgrims were fond of rabbits as well. 

And the amazing thing is…a little rabbit costs a whole lot!  I mean, it’s not like they’re rare.  You can find them on almost every street corner. I have seen more than one in my yard on the same day!  And yet, buying one at the local Whole Foods Market is akin to purchasing lobster…and almost as expensive per pound.  And at that price, I suppose I’ll have to eat it too.  I was hoping to sneak buy with a few pieces on my plate that I would push around until the end of the meal only to scrape it into the trash completely uneaten.  But that scenario assumed that rabbit would be dirt cheap considering the ease of which one can find one, and the fact that they are quick breeders.  It’s not likely that rabbits will become extinct anytime soon.  I should have let my husband trap the bunny in our yard.  At least I could have passed on eating it on moral grounds. 

Of course, the dogs may just be getting an extra special treat in their bowls on Thanksgiving Day.  After all…dogs can be thankful too!

Until the next time…I’ll be baking pies!

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Posted on November 23, 2010 .