a working vacation

I spent a very nice day with my husband today.  We didn’t do much of anything other than planning the rest of our week.  Tomorrow will be spent organizing and cleaning the garage.  Not something one usually looks forward to on vacation, but something that we have needed to accomplish for a very long time.  The goal is to simplify our lives by clearing away all unnecessary things.  Mike and I have come to realize that most people have far more things than they could ever need, and most of the time, many of those things go completely to waste.  We have a garage and a basement full of things that we haven’t touched in several years. 

And so tomorrow, we will begin the process of paring down. 

It’s quite funny to realize how easily we collect things we don’t need.  There are boxes of clothes packed away that no one in our house can wear.  We have fancy glassware and dishes that have gone unused for years.  And boxes of books that I just had to carry with me from home to home over the years that haven’t seen the light of day since we moved into our current house.  I’m not sure what we will keep, and what we will donate to goodwill, but I’m certain the pile to keep will be much smaller than the pile to give away. 

Once the sorting, organizing, and purging is complete we will turn our attention to the kitchen cabinets.  After spending far too much time searching for the cinnamon the other day, I have come to the conclusion that the spice cabinet must be completely redone.  I don’t look forward to that task, but I do look forward to a more organized kitchen. 

This won’t be the most exciting vacation Mike and I have taken, but I suspect we will get more done than we ever have before. 

Until the next time…I’ll be getting out the mop and bucket!

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Posted on November 8, 2010 .