they put salad in tacos you know


Did I really say I was craving a salad?  I suppose I was just craving something on the healthy side of things. And I needed that today more than any day recently. 

I woke up with the world's worst headache and found myself dreaming about pain. 

I was a newly turned vampire screaming about the pain of the sunlight when I woke up the first time. I had several dreams like that in the early hours of the day.  I tried to imagine bright stings of white light being drawn out of my brain pulling the pain with it.  It seemed to work for a bit.  And then I would open my eyes and the pain was almost unbearable. 

I slept until two.  At that point the overwhelming hunger was starting to override the pain and I got up to eat. 

I wondered if my headache was in anyway related to the volume of junk I had eaten yesterday. I couldn't rule anything out at this point, so Mike took me out for a healthy lunch at a Southwest grill.  I had fish tacos with cabbage slaw.  They tasted great, and might have even been moderately healthy too. 

The headache never really went away, no matter what I tried.  So I'm going to go to sleep early and hope my dreams are pain free tonight. 

If not I may have to step things up and eat steamed veggies tomorrow.  It couldn't hurt.

Until the next time...I'll (hopefully) be dreaming of something nice.

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Posted on December 29, 2010 .