you may call me "your majesty"

It was an absolutely beautiful Sunday.  I know because I saw it out the window all day long.  The sun was out, the sky was a bright blue, and there was a light refreshing breeze that ruffled my hair when I let the dogs out.  One…two…three…four times.  Dogs go out a lot!

But, I didn’t experience any of that beautiful day.  I was stuck inside for the entirety of what may be the nicest day of my entire vacation.  Why?  I am going to blame my husband for that.  He woke me up at nine Sunday morning, laptop in hand to ask me questions about my family lineage for the family tree he was creating for our little clan.  I answered questions about each of my parents, and then about my grandparents.  And then I ran aground.  I had to do a nifty internet search to get a few names from death records and old obituaries and then I was back in business.  It didn’t take long before Mike and I were sitting side by side with our laptops, the last tube of frozen Thin Mints on the table in front of us. 

I was thoroughly addicted! 

I’ve always known that my mother’s lineage could be traced far back beyond the revolutionary war.  I was well aware that my aunt had spent a good deal of time doing the leg work.  My father’s side of the family was somewhat a mystery to me.  I knew that his grandmother came from a prominent family, and her line could be traced back to castles in Scotland, but his father and his father before that had died young, so there were no records that I was aware of.  So, I was pleasantly surprised as I began the digging on

I am officially famous (in a roundabout way.) But, roundabout or not, I was frantically creating my patents of nobility!


Apparently, my predisposition to be waited on hand and foot is something I come by quite naturally.  My father is in a direct line to passengers on the Mayflower!  Which means that I am in a direct line to passengers on the Mayflower!  And of English nobility in another line—lords and dukes and people with Sir on the front of their names! 

And yes…even castles in Scotland! 

Unfortunately, I can’t find a single thing in my mother’s line.  As if it’s empty!  Of course, when my aunt and my great aunt read this, my email will light up with page upon page of family ancestry, I have no doubt! 

But until then, I went on and ordered a tiara. (My husband said nobility isn’t the same as royalty, but I said they were just splitting hairs! Or is it heirs?) Either way, I then ordered a few coats of arms.  I got the kind that cling to the side of the car so everyone will be able to see.  I got one for each vehicle.  And I ordered an application to be included in the Mayflower society.  Oh, and I called my dad to tell him he is in great company with all the bearing of arms! 

I didn’t call my mother.  Not that she’ll care per se, but I don’t want her to feel bad that I’m in a higher class than she is now.  You know, I don’t want to look down on her or anything.  I’m sure her family tree is very nice.  Even if she DIDN’T ride over on the Mayflower!

I’d better add very quickly that my mother’s side of the family has a very distinct lineage as well, and I’m sure when they read this, they will make sure I know every branch in that family tree! 


Until the next time…I’ll be dining with the Queen!

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Posted on February 28, 2010 .