so much for well laid plans

I had a wonderful plan for my Friday night.  A three tiered plan.  It involved wings, a movie, and a little romance.  But before I could reach Friday night, I first had to navigate Friday.

It rained most of the day.  There were moments of sunshine that teased the imagination into thinking that it might be a nice day, but just as soon as the happy feelings set in, the rain washed them clean away.  Not a bad metaphor if it actually leads into something, but unfortunately, it just sort of fizzled out in the rain. 

And honestly, I like a good rain—especially when it’s accompanied by a nice bout of thunder and lightning.  There were a few moments where the thunder had promise, but like the sun, it never fully materialized.  No matter…I had a wonderful plan, and no amount of thunder-less rain was going to spoil it.

As work days go, today wasn’t bad.  I had a nice blend of quiet and busy to keep me comfortable most of the afternoon, right up until the end where it peaked with a strong dose of busy, but in a nice quiet atmosphere.  The only thing that could have made it better would have been if I didn’t have to work tomorrow. 

Oh well…I will have a full day off during the week, and it’s always nice to have a day off in the middle of the work week. 

So when I escaped the bank at six thirty-eight this evening, I was ready to squeeze as much fun into my night as is humanly possible. 

There was a slight hitch in my plan.

Mike wasn’t home from work yet.  It doesn’t seem fair for me to be home, ready to go, and he is still driving from the other side of town. 

I kept myself busy with the last tube of Girl Scout cookies and a glass of goat’s milk (Mike has decided cows are evil, remember?) while I waited.  Then I had a handful of pistachios, and some gold fish crackers.  I was really hungry!  It was after seven and Mike wasn’t home yet.  I was just about to tear into another bag of Halls menthol throat lozenges when he finally rolled up the driveway at twenty minutes to eight. 

The first phase of my Friday night plan was officially set in motion as we pulled up to my favorite place for wings. 

My first instinct was to flee. 

There was a thirty minute wait.  I absolutely HATE waiting!  Cooler heads prevailed, as they say, when Mike declared that in the time we would take to find a new place to eat we could be seated and ordering wings.  This was a valuable lesson learned several blogs ago.  I reluctantly agreed and we gave our name to the hostess.

During our thirty minute wait, I discovered that my wonderful, sometimes romantic, always practical husband had absolutely no intention of going to the movies with me.  Especially if the movie had Rob Pattinson involved in any capacity.   I fought the urge to crumble with disappointment.  I still had two out of three things I could accomplish with my wonderful plan for Friday night.  I was going to have my favorite wings, and there was still time for a little romance.  Even more time if we were skipping the movie!

The wings were all wrong! The worst wings I’d ever had at my favorite wing place. They were coated in far too much sauce which made them way too hot to eat.  I sent them back only to get fresh wings with just as much sauce as the first batch.  Dinner was officially ruined!  My mouth was on fire and they sent blue cheese instead of ranch for my carrot sticks.  I couldn’t even eat the French fries without transparent disenchantment (big words are needed to describe big disappointment.)  I packed up my ruined wings in a to-go box and went home. 

No wings.  No movie.  Nothing left to hope for but a little romance—and time was running out!

I had to work in the morning! I did not have unlimited time to work up to romance.  We had to be on the fast track.  But romance cannot be rushed.  Romance does not like to be scripted.  Romance must just happen without prodding or poking…well…maybe a little poking… (Insert funny replies here!)

It was eleven thirty.  The hope for romance was dwindling.  The light was dimming and about to go out.  What started out as a wonderful plan for a Friday night had disintegrated into a sad precursor for a good night’s sleep.  I hate to sound like a spoiled brat here, but (stamping my foot) it’s not fair!  I can sleep when I’m dead!  I want excitement on a Friday night, and I want it now!  Oh wait…I can always watch Twilight on my laptop. 

Time to officially make a new wonderful Friday night plan for the last few minutes of Friday night.

Until the next time…I’ll be falling asleep in Forks!

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Posted on March 12, 2010 .