there's never a fairy godmother when you need one

To say that today was quiet and boring would be a total fabrication.  A straight up lie.  But at the same time, I’m at a loss to put the day into words.  Today was almost entirely devoted to prom dress shopping with my daughter. She dragged me out of bed at nine and sent me to the shower to get ready.  The plan was to make a quick run to the mall before her class at noon.  Everything would have been fine, if it hadn’t been raining.  Rain water and freshly straightened hair do not mix!

I didn’t get breakfast, and we never even made it to the mall.  Instead we drove around through the rain shouting at each other about everything and nothing.  I was seriously thinking the early PMS warning system may have come in handy for me today! 

We ran out of time, so the mall was out.  Instead we hit the little shops in the area.  There weren’t any dresses, but there was a pair of purple high top converse sneakers that would look absolutely ridiculous under a prom dress, so of course we had to have them!

I was still hungry when I dropped her off at class but I had to wait an hour before meeting a friend for lunch.  After lunch it was back to class for the teenager and back to the house for me…for an hour.  Then it was pick her up again…run to another boutique…and back to school for her last class.  I had another hour to kill. 

My day off was scattered due to an impossible schedule that I did not create, and couldn’t control. 

Once she was done for the day, we finally headed to the mall. 

Prom dresses are ridiculously expensive, and I’d already bought two formal dresses for other occasions that she refused to wear.  She wanted the “perfect” dress.  And how could I deny her?

Perhaps I couldn’t deny her, but that didn’t mean I had to spend what could easily be a car payment (for a very nice car) to buy a dress that once worn would be forever hung in the closet untouched.  Girls can’t wear the same dress twice.

We set off through the mall, and she dragged me to every shop that carried long dresses.  She tried on every dress in every store until we set upon “the dress.”  Of course it is always the last store and the very last dress tried on that turns out to be the perfect dress.  It is very “vintage Hollywood” and absolutely perfect for my little drama queen.  It looks magnificent on her, and it was even on sale.  What more could a mom ask for?

Until the next time…I’ll be waiting for a relaxing day off!

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Posted on April 20, 2010 .