attack of the zombie blogger

Due to an acute case of “zombie-itis,” Erica will be unable to write the daily blog this evening.  We are certain she will live to ravage our brains another night, but tonight, she needs her rest.  In her place, I will be bringing you up to date on the exploits of our favorite zombie blogger. 

How does one contract “zombie-itis” you ask?  It would seem that finding the correct medicine and the correct dosage is more complicated than originally thought.  After several days of trial and error, we are still plagued with an itchy rash, and a horrible case of the “walking undead”.  Erica has been dragging herself around the house, and even to work in what can only be described as a trancelike state.   As you can imagine, this is almost comical in a woman who has a hard time remaining upright when completely sober.   She has managed to keep enough of her wits about her to know that she can’t get behind the wheel of a car, and even the microwave is too much like “operating heavy machinery” for her to handle.  The kids have taken to doing her favors, such as burning a bag of popcorn for her, because that’s the way she likes it, and doing all the driving so she can pass out in the passenger seat or better yet, stay at home in the bed. 

But being in a zombie state hasn’t prevented her from passing out instructions to her loved ones. 

One of the first instructions she gave me before finding herself temporarily incapacitated was to write the blog.  “No matter what happens,” she made me promise, “you need to write the blog.”  So, here I am, writing the blog against my better judgment.   I told her she just needed to hang up a sign that says, “gone fishing” but she won’t hear of it.  Her readers are too important to her.  She loves her blog, and because I love her, I’m doing what my honey asks of me.

Like the lady says:

”Until the next time…”

Let’s hope she’s awake enough to do this herself!

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Posted on May 20, 2010 .