good advice is meant to be taken

Exhausting day.

I could blog on and on about this day, but honestly it’s just too exhausting to go back over it, so I’ll have to save it for another day.  I’ll just go over the highlights for you instead.

I woke up with swollen puffy eyes after writing last night’s blog.  I can’t even read it again without tearing up.  I now believe that dogs can cry too.  I’m certain Cybil was crying over her lost friend.

Despite the grief, I made it to work without a hitch, and I was the only banker on staff today, so I was very busy.  I didn’t get lunch or even a restroom break all day, so I didn’t feel at all guilty that I left a little early for a doctor’s appointment. 

I spent a long visit with my new favorite doctor (a special thanks to my sister for her diligent attention to detail when choosing physicians) and three hours later I was stocked up with three more prescriptions, and a little good advice. 

The best thing about good advice is you can decide on your own if you’re going to take it or not.  I think I’ll take it tonight, and get a little extra sleep.  I’m sure you will forgive me for phoning it in tonight.  I will make up for it next week while I’m on vacation.  There will be bears in them there woods…and I will be on a quest to find one. 

Until the next time…I’ll be counting down the days!

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Posted on May 26, 2010 .