I really should have packed by now

I love that I write a blog. 

And I love that you love reading my blog. 

And I just absolutely love when I have a day that’s so great I actually start writing my blog before the sun goes down. 

Today is a day like that.  My heart is by no means acting quite right just yet, and my blood pressure is still topping out the charts in the worst kind of way, but my spirits are high and not just because I’m on so many different drugs! 

It’s the day before our first family vacation in what seems like years. 

I am excited about playing games with my kids like I did when they were children.  I’m excited about bear hunting (from the safety of our raised deck.) I’m excited about everyone getting along and having fun.  I’m excited about being away from home for an entire week (or most of one anyway) to relax in the middle of nature. 

I may be a bit premature in my excitement. 

My kids are arguing already.  The reasons are as unimportant as the arguments themselves.  Suffice it to say they seem to always find a reason when they are all in the same room together.  I am beginning to wonder if my idea of a family vacation in a secluded cabin was crazy. 

Fast forward an hour and everything is (almost) back to normal.  We are teaching the youngest to play Texas Hold’em poker, and my kids are amazed at my poker playing skills.  “It’s the OCD,” I tell them.  “It makes me good at everything.”  I don’t know…that might be a lie…I’m not good at EVERYTHING.  I can’t balance very well at all.  But what’s a little bad balance when there are so many other more important things to worry about?

I suppose I’ll have to get up early to pack in the morning.  At least I did my laundry already.  I am admittedly letting my husband take care of the more stressful details for our trip.  I’m trying to maintain a positive attitude.  Someone told me recently that if I had a positive attitude it could perform miracles.  So I’m trying to use my positive attitude to affect the weather.  Apparently it’s supposed to rain the entire week.  That should make for an interesting “camping” trip.  One week in the mountains…in a cabin…with all the kids…and we won’t be able to go outside.  I’m fairly positive that can’t end well.  Then again…you never know…I might just be able to change the weather with my positive thinking!

Until the next time…I’ll be thinking positive that my suitcase will pack itself! 

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Posted on May 30, 2010 .