time to adopt?

It’s official.

I won’t be needing any soap, body wash, deodorant, feminine hygiene products, laundry detergent, shampoo, or conditioner for at least six months. 

I can’t say that will stop me from getting more if the price is right…and lately the price has been quite right—free!

Ok, free may be a slight exaggeration, but for example, I walked into my favorite drug store today with twenty dollars and when I left I still had five, and I also had four boxes of tampons, five Old Spice designer deodorants, one Gillette Fusion shave gel, six bottles of assorted men’s scented Gillette and Old Spice body wash (three of which can also be used as shampoo), and seven Butterfinger candy bars.  Oh, and I had $14.50 in store credits too.

And before you ask…no I didn’t steal anything.  I used my new skills in couponing combined with the weekly sales to maximize my purchases. 

My husband wasn’t convinced. 

I had to lay everything out on the bed and pull out a calculator to show where the money had gone, and what I was left with.  He is now officially impressed.  

And he smells very nice too!

My reward for all my brilliant shopping? 

I get to have a new baby!

Well…I’m allowed to get a new puppy.

I can’t wait.  With my son completely moved out, along with the grandpuppy, and my poor Lady missing from the family, things are getting a little quiet around here.  I’m not necessarily against quiet, but a little excitement can be good for the soul.  And if I can’t have another baby (and I’m pretty sure I can’t) a puppy will have to do.  I’m fully prepared to train him, and walk him, and feed him, and clean up after him all by myself!  After all…isn’t it my turn?

Until the next time…I’ll be puppy proofing my house!

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Posted on June 22, 2010 .