important thoughts to live by…especially when you’re tired.

I had a very long day today after a very long night last night.  Maybe I'm just a little punchy, or maybe these things are important life lessons.  Either way, I hope you enjoy them!


Never assume that a puppy is finished going potty.  For some strange reason, puppies have an infinite ability to pee on the floor. Usually behind a chair.

Never run out of paper towels when you have a puppy.

Never take a puppy outside without your shoes or pants on. Not even when you are just too tired to put them on.  Not even at night.  This will ensure that said puppy will run into an area that requires you to give chase.  Shoes and pants are a must for this!

Never stay up so late that large quantities of caffeine are required to stay awake.  This will backfire on you at the end of the night.  And through much of the morning as well.

Always bring an extra shirt to the movies in case you spill your drink in your lap.  The shirt will soak up most of the liquid and cover the wet spot in your crotch.

Never spit your gum out of the window of a moving vehicle.  The wind will almost always change direction blowing the gum back into the car, and into your hair.  Probably somewhere that you can’t readily see or reach.

Always check the thread you are replying to before replying.  You might be sending a message meant for one person to a large group.  This could be very bad! 

Always check the recipient of a text message before hitting send.  Simple errors can cause complex problems.

Never send or reply to emails when you are tired or drunk.  Or drunk and tired.  Or on medication. 

Always secure the lid to the blender BEFORE pressing the liquefy button.  Especially when the blender is full.

Never assume that because you didn’t go to bed until three am that the puppy won’t wake you up at four-thirty like every other morning.

Never write your blog while you are partially unconscious from lack of sleep. 

Never ask your husband to post your blog for you while you are unavailable to edit said blog.  The results could be disastrous.

Never stay up all night long two nights in a row!

Until the next time…I’ll be sleeping! A lot!


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Posted on June 30, 2010 .