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These updates are posted as they were sent/received on 06/29-30-2010. My name is Michael C. Dean and my wife is a social vampire phenomena victim. I love her and I carry on my own vigilance for what I believe at

My wife's life this evening is spelled out below:

Blog update 7pm:

Arrived at the theater at 5:30. Line already wrapped around the lobby. People at the front had pillows and blakets. Nice to know my obsession has healthy limits. Twilight (1st movie) to start in 15 minutes. Its gonna be a long night!

Update 815:

1st movie half over so of course it’s bathroom break time for the small bladder crowd. I can make it at least 2 more hours even if I am jacked up on diet coke popcorn and M&Ms.(Can’t see a movie without snacks right?)

Update 845:

Wet crotch while watching Twilight is from spilling Diet Coke in my lap. Twice! Didn’t anyone bring napkins?

Update 915:

First movie over and I really need to pee. But line will be horrible so I will wait. My plan is to break in the middle of New Moon so I will be prepared to enjoy Eclipse without interruption. Thanks to candy and caffeine, I am still wide awake. I will likely pay for this night for days!

Update 1015:

Still have to pee. Hard to drag myself away from the movie. Emergency bladder capacity kicked in. Will need to go soon. Eclipse doesn’t start til midnight. Good news is I’m still not tired

Update 1030:

Went to restroom finally. The lobby is insane! The sound is almost deafening. I’m very glad I’m in a nice comfy theater instead of still waiting for the midnight show in line. This might be as crazy as the time I shopped for Furbies at 4am on the day after Thanksgiving.

Update 1115:

Can hear the screaming through the walls. Over the sound of the 2nd movie. The other auditoriums are waiting for midnight. We are too, but we are at least distracted by the end of New Moon.  It like New Years Eve. The countdown is started and the Eclipse begins at the stroke of 12. It’s a good thing my bladder is empty!

Final Update:

2nd movie has ended and the mad rush for the bathroom and cigarette breaks for the crowd. I will be staying in my seat as patiently as I know how, waiting for the clock to tick down to midnight. After this update I will officially be on radio silence until sometime after 2am. I would like to thank my husband for posting the blog for me tonight. Love you honey!

See you in about three hours!



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Posted on June 30, 2010 .