operation simple life

Today is the first day of what my husband and I are now referring to as “Operation Simple Life.”

For the rest of the month of June, I will focus not on what’s wrong with me, but what I can do to make a change. 

I am under strict doctor’s orders, but that doesn’t preclude me from doing things like gardening, as long as I stay out of the sun in the hot parts of the day.  In fact, I was encouraged to do little things like gardening, and swimming, and even walking in the mornings. 

We are going to focus on all things healthy.  So, with this new healthy living in mind, today I drank my last soda.  I’ve been on caffeine free drinks for weeks now, but as of today I will no longer drink store bought soda of any kind.  No root beer—not even in a float—and no lemon lime or citrus soda.  I will, however, indulge in my new favorite drink.  Seltzer water with a splash of blueberry and pomegranate juice for flavor.  It’s relatively healthy, and tastes quite refreshing.  Just don’t forget to add some all natural sweetener!

Mike and I also ate our last restaurant made pizza.  From now on we will be making our own pizza at home, from healthy items grown within 100 miles of home. 

For quite a while now, Mike has been working on a fairly elaborate garden for our suburban setting, and today he prepared an area to plant pumpkins too.  We even found a handful of plums ready to pick on one of the trees in our yard.  For more information on Mike’s garden check out his blog, The Suburb Homesteader.

I have this crazy notion of adding chickens to our little suburban homestead, but apparently the county doesn’t allow that.  So I will be concentrating on ways to work around that ordinance. 

And while I’m focusing on simplifying my life, I will be spending a lot of time writing.  The best part about being a writer is that I can write whatever comes to mind without having to leave the comfort of my bed if that’s what it takes.  I can travel anywhere I want to go by just imagining it. 

Imagination is a magical thing.  Care to come with me?

Until the next time…I’ll be conjuring up new and exciting adventures for us to take together!

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Posted on June 5, 2010 .