have to plug things in for them to work?

Is it wrong that I’m feeling more of a loss over the grandpuppy moving out than my son?  I mean, my son will be back.  Of course he will.  He left the dongle in my living room.  The jar of pepper jelly he bought on vacation (and refused to share with the rest of the family because he paid for it) is still in the refrigerator.  There are countless things lying around that he didn’t pack, or remember.  But the grandpuppy…he didn’t even have a suitcase.   He had a leash, a bowl, and a toy.  He’s good.  And as much as I didn’t want him to move in, I will miss him. 

As he was leaving I reminded my son to go buy some banana chips.  I taught the grandpuppy how to sit and lay down using banana chips as incentive.  He will immediately sit the moment he sees me come into a room, hoping I might be packing a treat in my pocket.  I would hate for him to miss out on those healthy snacks now that he doesn’t live with us. 

Of course, I’m sure my son will bring him back for me to watch him from time to time.  That’s what kids do right?  Oh, and he’ll need help fixing his car.  My husband is good with those things…and my son is…not.  Just today we had to “fix” the window on Spencer’s car.  He’s been driving mine for a week now because the driver’s side window in his car has been stuck in the down position.  Not good during the rainy season.  We had to cover it with a tarp!

In his defense, the inner door panel wasn’t attached because we had to replace the window motor a little ways back, and we haven’t had a chance to put everything back together.  Because of this, all the wiring has been exposed, and somehow the window got unplugged.  It wasn’t really broken, but it took us over a week to discover that the problem was as easily fixed as plugging in a lamp.  Isn’t that always the way?

It gave us a good laugh when Mike pulled out all the tools, and sat down to work on the problem.  It took him less than three minutes to realize the problem wasn’t a problem at all.  Oh well…that just left more time to go for ice cream.

Ice cream is very healthy you know.  It’s a dairy product.  I’m allowed to have dairy products.  And all day long I ate healthy food.  I even had a fresh plum from our very own tree. 

Tomorrow I’m going to swim with my sister.  I might even eat a salad.  Life is good!

Until the next time…I’ll be thinking positive thoughts…and looking for a puppy online!

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Posted on June 8, 2010 .