dogs remember way more than some people I know.

I went swimming at my sister’s house today.  Swimming is good exercise.  And it’s out in the sun (which in limited doses is actually good for you).  And because it’s my sister’s house, no one cares if I’ve shaved my legs or not. 

Which I actually did today because I was feeling adventurous. 

It happens to be June here in Georgia (as I’m sure it is probably June wherever you may be) and being June in Georgia, it is fairly hot outside.  Swimming on a hot day is usually quite refreshing.  Today it was just relaxing. 

My sister has recently installed a pool heater.  She, like me, hates to jump into a cold pool of water.  She, unlike me, would rather not swim at all if it’s cold.  I usually just take my sweet time getting in.  I hear that it’s fairly entertaining to watch as I inch my feet in, and then my ankles, getting more and more wet as the minutes tick by, until I am fully immersed in the water some twenty or thirty minutes later.  Today I just stepped in like I was getting into the bath.  It was a cross between a pool and a hot tub.  It was very nice actually. 

Until I tried to swim laps. 

Swimming laps in a warm pool is like exercising in a hot gym.  I just couldn’t do it.  But I did enjoy myself thoroughly just the same. 

My sister’s dogs, Elvis and Pricilla, greeted me with excited wags and licks as if they had missed me terribly since they had seen me last.  They are not so friendly with just anyone.  It was clear to me that they remembered me well.  I don’t believe that dogs have short memories.  I believe that they remember more than most people I know.  For some reason my mother comes to mind.  I would guess that my sister’s dogs could tell you where every toy was hidden in the yard, and could retrieve it by name if asked.  I know my dog can do this.  If I ask Joey to find his chicken, he doesn’t come back with a ball.  If I ask him to find a ball, he comes back with a tennis ball, not just any round object.  And my remaining Labrador can remember anyone she has ever allowed into the house with a single sniff.  She still growls when my ex-husband comes around.  In fact, she growls when anyone resembling my ex-husband comes around.  Her memory is long, and she definitely holds a grudge.  That’s one dog that’s always had my back.  If only she didn’t pee on my floor! 

I left my sister’s house refreshed and relaxed and headed to the doctor for a follow up visit.  It was a fairly good visit.  I lost two more pounds.  Of course, it could be because I can’t seem to remember to eat anymore.  Hey, I’m not complaining.  If losing a few pounds is a side effect, it’s one I can completely get behind!  I could care less about those stupid Girl Scout cookies these days.  And chocolate?  Well…let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  I’m not crazy you know!

Until the next time…I’ll be seeking out other pools to invade!

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Posted on June 9, 2010 .