is it really a deadline if it’s self imposed?

I missed my deadline tonight.  I didn’t post my blog by midnight.  I didn’t really even try.  I was too busy.  Yes…too busy at midnight.  Too busy in the hours leading up to midnight.  On a Tuesday night.  And amazing as that may sound, it was pretty nice. 

My husband and I are entertaining his two nephews for the week.  It was an even exchange (if you can call it that…his sister got the two teenage girls.)  So we have the two boys and our youngest girl.  Tonight we spent a nice evening exploring various outdoor stores, shopping for camping gear and the like.  Then we stopped off for ice cream and watched a movie at home.  It was rather relaxing except for the occasion interruption caused by puppy pee.  Puppy pee by the door.  Puppy pee in the hall.  And even puppy pee in the yard.  Let’s just say we need to crack down on the puppy pee. That will be my focus for tomorrow.

My focus for today was writing, and I managed to get in quite a bit of it.  The whole “full time writer” thing has been more difficult than I expected.  The writing isn’t so hard, it’s the setting aside time that’s difficult.  I hope it’s just the unusual scheduling during the summer.  The kids are out of school, and therefore more demanding of my time.  Even the almost grown ones. 

Tomorrow we have a full day planned for the kids.  That should give me the time to write—and time for puppy training.  Neither the kids nor the puppy will be young forever.  I need to enjoy them while I can.  And there’s always tomorrow for a longer blog…and one that’s posted on time. 

If I’m lucky, something brilliant will come to me.

Until the next time…I’ll be grabbing some sleep before the next time the puppy has to pee.

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Posted on July 14, 2010 .