that is one blog I do not want to write

So much for thinking the puppy had a strong grasp on potty training.  This evening I went through the last of the paper towels and an entire roll of toilet paper.  I don’t know if I can lay the blame entirely at his paws, however.  I was suffering from a case of cold related sleep deprivation and missed his cues more than once. 

Such is a busy Saturday.                

It was the last full day of the nephews’ visit to Georgia, and we had to squeeze in as much excitement as humanly possible in the last remaining hours of daylight.  Although, aside from frequent trips to eating establishments, I can’t for the life of me think of a single exciting thing we did.

I apparently sleepwalked my way throughout the day, thinking of things I WOULDN’T want to write a blog about.  For example, we were talking about going to a major league baseball game the next time the boys come to visit and all I could think of is, we would have to sit somewhere out of “foul ball” range.  Because if there was a foul ball hit anywhere in my direction, it would surely hit me in the head, and THAT is a blog I do not want to write. 

We went to dinner with my mother, my sister, and my sister’s husband tonight, and her husband was kind enough to buy dinner for everyone.  They took us to their favorite place to eat—a little hole in the wall place with two entrances, one for smokers, and one for non-smokers.  Yes, this may be the only restaurant left in Georgia that has a smoking section! 

The food was very good, not your typical restaurant fare, it was more like having Sunday dinner at your grandmother’s house and ordering your favorite meal.  They even had food that a northern girl, like me, could relate to. 

But my favorite part of the restaurant had nothing at all to do with the food they were serving, but rather with a sign posted directly outside.  It was one of those signs that typically lists the daily specials up in lights to tempt passersby to stop in for a bite. Only this sign didn’t post any specials with bite—on the contrary—the sign had bite in a totally different way.

“Safest place to be when the zombies attack”

Considering that I was feeling a bit like a zombie myself, it was enough for me!  The place was five stars from then on. 

Until the next time…I’ll be shooting for a few extra hours of sleep tonight.

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Posted on July 17, 2010 .