are you a wadder or a folder?

Are we really talking about toilet paper?  Pretty much, yeah.

It is a serious question to some, for reasons that I can’t begin to fathom.  I couldn’t care less if you fold or wad.  And you shouldn’t care what I do either.  Even if wadding is more efficient, (if perhaps a bit less organized.)  It appears to be somehow rooted in gender. 

At least that’s what my husband tells me.

This very topic came up the other evening as I was preparing to clean up a fresh puddle of puppy pee with my giant wad of quicker picker uppers.  My husband made that face that I’m so familiar with, the one that says, “You aren’t doing that the right way.” And then he smiled and said, “Women and their wadding.”

It’s true…men pay attention to things like this, and I can’t be more grossed out that they do.  This coming from an entire gender of people who shake instead of wipe when they pee.  Where is the logic in that?  But do I really want to address the realities of that?  Probably not. 

I can say, however, that when it comes to cleaning up a spill (or a puddle) on the floor, a nicely wadded bunch of paper towels gets the job done way better than a neatly folded bunch.  The wetness seems to collect better in the multiple folds of a good wad.

As for the bathroom debate, we may never really know which way is better, and I’m ok with that.  I try to think of it in terms of killing a bug instead.  I could use a folded tissue, or a wadded tissue, but the folded one doesn’t give me nearly enough distance from the subject matter.  And that’s what this debate is really all about isn’t it?  Women just don’t want to be that close to the matter.

A dear friend gave me a solution this evening.  He said that things are always done best if you compromise.  As in…wad up the side that goes toward the clean up, and fold the side that goes toward your hand.  It’s the best of both worlds! 

Now if we could just tackle the whole shaking vs. wiping debate.  Would it really be that hard to dab?  Guys?  Come on…

Until the next time…I’ll be waiting for the backlash from tonight’s blog!

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Posted on July 18, 2010 .