is there such a thing as bowling pin envy?

Mike and I took the kids bowling tonight.  It was meant as an old fashioned family outing.  The kind teenagers seem to think they have outgrown, but never really do.  With everything that’s been going on lately, it was very nice to take the time to go out for such a normal activity. 

We debated on what to do.  There were thoughts of taking in a movie, or going to an arcade, but ultimately, everyone agreed that bowling was the way to go.  Especially since we are all such horrible bowlers.  There is nothing quite as entertaining as watching a group of bad bowlers.

I didn’t trip or fall (at the bowling alley, but I did manage to trip in the parking lot getting out of the car.)  My ball never went in the opposite direction of the pins (something I have actually done before) and I didn’t even land in the gutter all that often.  My ball did get stuck at the end with the pins at least once, but my husband managed to rescue it by wasting my second ball in the first frame.  I had three pins standing that I might have been able to knock down if not for that.   Now we will never know for sure if I would have gotten the spare.

It was funny to see how excited we were to battle it out for the win.  I don’t know if either of us should be proud of winning when the highest score was still less than 90!  We didn’t even break 100.  My daughter beat me by one pin on her last roll in the tenth frame.   Those three pins that were left standing back in the first frame may have very well cost me the game!  But winning wasn’t really the thing.  We won just by going. 

We may have to have a rematch in the very near future.  I had forgotten how much I liked to bowl.  And just for the record, bowling on the Wii does nothing to prepare you for tossing actual marble balls down a wooden lane to knock down actual pins.  And you can’t perform the “granny roll” with a Wii remote.  There is something very nostalgic about using two hands to roll the ball down the lane.  Not that I did that.  That would be sort of cheating. 

Although if I was going to cheat I would have at least gotten a higher score. 

Until the next time…I’ll be practicing on the Wii for my rematch!

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Posted on July 29, 2010 .