could you pass me that box of kleenex, please?

I was feeling very sentimental today.  Everywhere I went there were reminders of times past.  Moments missed.  Wonderful memories.  It was as simple as a package of Jello pudding in the cupboard that reminded me of Sunday nights when I was a kid. (And opened an unexpected flood gate of tears!)

My parents used to make Jello pudding on the stove and we would watch Wild Kingdom followed by the Wonderful World of Disney.  I have fond memories of watching Davy Crockett with my sister…and a bowl of Jiffy Pop popcorn.

With that in mind, I spent the evening watching old movies with my husband while the girls spent the evening with some “safe” friends.  Things are finally getting back to a new sort of normal. 

My normal now includes watching movies from the early nineties, back when my kids were babies.  That’s my new nostalgia.  It brings me back to a time and a place when things were pretty perfect.  Those were good days.  I miss those days. 

But the good old days aside, I am determined to keep making good new days.  So several years from now I will look back on today with a sentimental feeling.  That’s the way memories work.  The further away they are, the more nostalgic they become.  How else could the movie “Look Who’s Talking” become such a tearjerker? 

I may need to watch something a little less emotional next…I’m running out of tissues.

Until the next time…I’ll be watching The Princess Bride (with a roll of toilet paper!)

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Posted on August 21, 2010 .