this is for the birds!

I got up this morning to a quiet house.  Everyone had gone to their separate places—school, work, chasing squirrels in the yard—and I was left to my own devices for a few minutes.  They hadn’t been gone long…the kitchen still smelled of fresh coffee, and the dogs would be back inside as soon as I filled their bowls with food. 

All stressful things aside, it was a nice morning.  My favorite kind.  The air outside was still cool from the night before, and gave me a sense of hope for a coming fall.  I love fall.  But it isn’t fall yet.  It’s still very much summer, and before I knew it, the cool air would warm up and it would be too hot to enjoy the outdoors again.

But for the moment, it was still cool, and I had things to do.

I pulled out my “to do list” and started checking off the things that had already been done, when I heard a funny sound coming from the laundry room.  This, in and of itself, was not strange.  The cats were fed in the laundry room, and they frequently made strange noises.  The difference was, I could see both of the cats from where I sat. 

I’ve watched too many scary movies in my day, and I would always criticize the victims for having investigated a strange sound when they should have run away.  I promised myself that I would never investigate; I would just call the police.  And you may recall that I did just that not so many weeks ago.  But this morning, I was feeling brave in the light of day, so I set out to discover the source of the sound. 

The sound was not coming from the laundry room, it was coming from the garage. 

The giant bird swooped down from up above almost immediately . It was like it was asking for help.  I didn’t speak bird. I did try to coax the bird back into the sunshine, with no luck.  Sometimes you just can’t help.  

I began to realize that my life had become this giant bird, swooping down from above, attacking when it just needed help to get out. 

I opened the garage door to the outside and went back inside.  There was nothing else I could do to help.  I just had to hope that the bird would figure out how to help itself.  Sometimes you just have to do things on  your own.  Life is like that. 

Until the next time…I’ll be working on my plan of escape from the garage of life.

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Posted on August 25, 2010 .