i love my own bed

It’s good to be back in my own bed

This is what the puppy, Indiana Jones, conveyed to me via his snoring from his comfy fleece bed inside his very own crate, back in our very own house.  It was funny to see him crawl in there and flop down, as if to say…ahhhh!

I concur. 

After two miserable days spent mostly in the car, I am thrilled to be back in my own bed.  I don’t even care if the house needs to be vacuumed or if the dishes need to be put away.  I’m just glad to be back.  All things considered, I would have rather stayed home all weekend and gotten things done around the house, but it was nice to see Mike’s family and especially his grandmother who was so very sick not so long ago.  She looks fabulous by the way, and she thoroughly enjoyed her birthday party.

The trip home was much the same as the trip there except for the fact that the puppy rode on my lap the entire way, and slept for much of it.  I managed to find a comfortable position for him.  It was less comfortable for me, but anything was better than trying to hold a squirming puppy.  I can only compare it loosely to trying to hold onto a forty five pound bag of potatoes that was trying to get away from me.  Not that I’ve ever had a bag of potatoes that tried to escape, or a bag of potatoes that large, but it seemed like a fitting metaphor just the same. 

So as much as you know I love sharing the entirety of my day with you, the most interesting thing I did all day was to survive a public restroom somewhere in Alabama.  It was a close call too. I almost didn’t make it out alive.  And now I’m exhausted, and ready for a long night’s sleep.  I figure if I start now, I might even get a full eight hours before the puppy wakes up to pee in the morning. 

Until the next time…I’ll be singing happy songs as I clean my house tomorrow!

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Posted on August 8, 2010 .