you'll need a big cake if you’re going to use eighty candles

What a Saturday…

Mike woke us up at six thirty Saturday morning to make the trek to his family’s homestead in Panama City Beach, Florida for his grandmother’s eightieth birthday celebration.  I would have preferred teleporting there, but as that wasn’t one of the options, I begrudgingly got up. 

Things would have gone much smoother had we packed the night before, which we didn’t, so it was a mad rush to collect all of our things (including the puppy’s enormous crate) and pack up the car.  This occurred in mostly a blur as my husband was ready to leave way before the rest of us, and so we had to rush. 

It was just past seven when everyone had finished some fashion of breakfast, one last trip to the bathroom (or back yard), and we were piled in the car ready to roll. 

The line up in our midsized sedan was as follows:

2 teenagers and 1 preteen in the back seat (plus their purses, pillows, books and blankets).  1 husband driving, 1 blogger in the passenger seat, and one forty three pound puppy trying to settle into the center console. 

This is because the center console is where his food and treats were situated, so of course, he wanted to ride there.  We had to rearrange him almost immediately and the girls were excited to have him ride in the back with them. 

This excitement lasted for about forty five minutes, or right about the same time he set off his first round of doggy gas.  I’m sure it was an entertaining sight to see a car full of people with their heads out the window while the dog sat comfortably inside. 

This is when Indy was sent back to the front seat to ride on my lap.  This is also when I declared that we needed a bigger car.  When he wasn’t squirming in my arms or attempting to infiltrate the backseat yet again, Indy was stretched across my lap resting his head on Mike’s arm as he drove.  As Mike drove, not Indy…just in case you needed clarification there. 

Both of my legs started to go numb from the pressure of Indy pressing his weight against me so I maneuvered a pillow under him for the rest of the ride.  He finally fell asleep about five miles from the gas station where we stopped to fill up.  This, of course, woke him up to squirm for a while more until we were back on the road at an even clip.  It was right about then when I realized why car seats were truly invented.  To protect the parents from the squirming child on their laps!  But I didn’t have a car seat for Indy, and it wouldn’t matter if I did, I would be lucky if he fit in the car by the time we turned around to come back home, let alone in a car seat. 

He slept for the last hour of the trip, comfortably stretched across my lap on top of my down filled pillow, his face against the cold air vent and his back legs across the center console.  The food had long since been moved after he decided to help himself to a snack somewhere in the middle of the journey. 

I can’t say that riding in the car with a giant sized puppy was enjoyable, but it was definitely entertaining to the trucks passing us on the trip from Atlanta to Panama City Beach. 

Once we had our puppy safely secured in his crate at our home away from home (pet friendly hotel), his belly filled and his bladder emptied, we headed to the birthday party.  It was a fun time had by all, and the third birthday cake I had eaten this week.  So much for giving up all of my vices…cake, ice cream, sweets, fats, etc.  That will have to wait until after Alexa’s birthday next week.  We are going to have to figure out how to put candles in crème brule, her choice in place of cake. I can’t say I blame her; I’ve had my fill of cake for a while.  At least until the next round of birthdays…hopefully a few months away at least.

Until the next time…I’ll be working off my cake and ice cream by holding a squirming pup on the ride home!

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Posted on August 8, 2010 .