about that time machine...

Talk about your time warps!

I picked up two friends from high school at the airport tonight.  We hadn’t seen each other since the end of tenth grade, and despite the distance in time and geography; it was like we had never lost touch.  We are different people than we were in days gone by, but at the same time, haven’t changed at all.

Friendships are like fine wine, they get better with age. 

We sat at the kitchen table for over an hour, pouring over our 8th grade yearbook, reminiscing about old friends and former teachers.  Some we still keep in touch with, some have passed on, but all of them have made an impression on our lives.

I will say it again…you can attack the internet and Facebook all you want, but without those two things I would have been lacking in the friend department this evening.  There is no way I would have been able to reconnect with two such good friends had I not had the benefit of modern technology. 

Modern technology has little to do with good wine, however. 

I had two glasses of what may be the best red wine I have had in a very long time, and while I thoroughly enjoyed it, I will surely regret it in the morning.  Can I just say that blogging under the influence (BUI) is very bad.  I don’t recommend it to those of you at home. 

I am expecting a full day of sightseeing and other touristy-type excursions tomorrow, so I need to grab what little beauty sleep I have available to me tonight (or shall I say, this morning.)

Until the next time…I will wait patiently for the room to stop spinning so I can fall asleep!

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Posted on September 4, 2010 .