the blood of the first (week 7)

Weekly Vampire Serial Fiction

“Don’t be so damned dramatic, Elizabeth.” I glowered at her as I shut the door, effectively containing the shrieks to within the house.  That girl would be the death of me yet.

I had to constantly remind myself she wasn’t her sister. They were so different, and yet so much alike. Lizzie had her own particular qualities. I couldn’t tolerate the reckless bloodlust, but her exuberance was contagious.

“Stop her before she harms the children, will you? And for fuck sake, don’t let her kill their mother in front of them,” I whispered to a clearly bored Sebastian as I closed the drapes.

Once the room was dark, I turned to Sebastian where he leaned against the wall, raising my eyebrows at him.

“What do I look like?” he asked. Before I could comeback with something entirely witty, he shook his head. “Stop her yourself if you care so much.”

“Don’t touch the kids,” I growled, poking a finger in his cold chest before I glided to where Elizabeth gorged herself on the mother.

“That’s enough,” I barked.

Her eyes flashed to me from her spot on the floor, and she had the audacity to smile. She had the woman draped across her lap like a rag doll, smiling without pulling her fangs out of the vein she had tapped. Blood ringed her mouth, running down her chin as she fed, never taking her eyes off me. It was damn sexy, but I knew I had to stop her.

Inching closer, I crouched down beside her, sweeping her hair from her face and she growled at me.

“Lizzie,” I whispered against her ear. “Don’t take it all. Don’t you want to share?”

With that, she pulled her mouth away, discarding the woman, and latched her lips to mine in a ferocious kiss that went straight to my head…the other one.

“Sweetheart, you need to get a hold of yourself,” I urged, pushing her gently away from me. “We need to leave. Now.”

“Not before dessert,” she purred, eyeing the wide eyed children across the room.

“No dessert this time. We need to go.” I dragged her body up from the floor and pushed her toward Sebastian. “Please get her to the car so I can clean this mess up.”

“I knew you’d make a lousy vampire.” Sebastian smirked as he collected Elizabeth and headed for the door. “Five minutes and we leave without you.”

I nodded and went straight to work, pricking my finger with a fang and rubbing the blood on the woman’s open neck wounds. The holes healed quickly, but I knew the blood loss would be impossible to fix at this point. I could only hope she hadn’t lost so much as to die.

Victoria would have laughed at me.

I wasn’t exactly your stereotypical vampire. Either because I hadn’t been one for that long, or because of years of living with Victoria, I wasn’t sure. She hated killing anyone for a meal. She would much rather take just enough to feed and leave. The desire was hard to ignore, but I couldn’t help but see my father’s lifeless face every time my fangs slid out.

I checked the woman’s pulse. It was weak, but still there.

“Hey, come here,” I said to the kids and the older one, the boy, crawled closer. “Do you know how to use the phone?” I asked him and he nodded. “Good. Go get the phone and call 911. They’ll send someone to help your mommy. Can you do that?” He nodded again and I smiled. “Good boy. Go on…get the phone.” And as he scampered off I slipped out the door to climb into the car. The only feeding I’d done was from Elizabeth’s lips and I knew that would be a problem later. I’d deal with it then. Hopefully we’d be closer to a dark alley where I could find some random poet or artist to feed on. Anything was better than what we’d done here.

“You’re a strange one, Claude,” Elizabeth laughed, pressing her lips against my cheek.

I’d been called worse.  “Can we attempt to keep our meals to the dark and seedy variety? For this trip at least?”

“Sure,” she laughed. “Whatever you say.”

This was going to be a long trip.

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Posted on June 11, 2012 .