a cupcake by any other name

I made the classic mistake of telling the world I made pie. I put it right there on my Facebook wall...and tweeted it too. What seemed to be an innocent comment on my awesome baking talents ended up being a debate. About pie? No...about cupcakes. Cupcakes, you ask? How did you get from pie to cupcakes?

Well, I'll tell you...it wasn't an immediate jump, but it was most definitely a status hijacking.

It started out with a comment about the merits of pie versus cake. My own husband would prefer pie over any kind of cake. He told me he could have cake any day, but pie was special. And then the conversation took a strange new direction when a writer friend posed the question, "Is a cupcake still a cupcake if you don't frost it."

Well, yeah...of course. It's a sad little cupcake without any decoration, but it's still cake. In a cup. And therefore a cupcake.  My friend vehemently disagreed. It was her contention that the cupcake loses its status if not finished with the frosting. Well, as you can well imagine, this statement caused an outrageous back and forth commentary between no less than three other writer friends, none of them short on words, comparing the differences between cupcakes, muffins, biscuits and other assorted baked goods. The debate sunk to levels no sober baker should ever sink to. And the poor, unfrosted cupcake was raked over the coals for crimes against baked goods.

I maintain my original position that a cupcake is not defined by frosting anymore than a woman is defined by a man.  Or something like that. Cupcakes of the world unite! Defy societies rigid requirements and go bare. Demand equal rights with the cupcakes with frosting upon theirs.

I don't even like frosting that much. But hey, I just wanted to talk about my pie.

Until the next time...I'll be skipping the baking topics for a while.

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Posted on January 8, 2013 .