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rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated

Yeah, I know...I totally skipped the blog yesterday. It's not like me, and yet, I've been caught doing just that a whole lot lately. It's really not intentional. Ok, so maybe a little intentional. Life gets busy, and stuff happens, and there are coppertones ALL OVER the place. (See Stephen's guest post from yesterday if you don't get the joke.) 

Basically, I'm a serial procrastinator. I told my hus...I mean, the IDP...that if I took a day off from blogging, I'd never get back to the every day habit. And I was right. Not that I'm happy to be right, in this particular case.  But there is some precedence for this. That time he told me to just give my diet a break and allow myself to cheat now and then, well, that blew my diet right out of the water. Why? Because one must learn to listen to their own gut. Or maybe that's just me. I need to listen to my own gut and stop being led astray by imaginary dead presidents with no stake in my dilemmas.

So, here I am, trying to make up for that missed day by writing something epic, and all I end up with is a bitch session about how it's not my fault I procrastinate (and yeah, I know it totally is, but where's the fun in taking all the blame?)

I blame the chicken sitting outside my bathroom window like a...a...peeping Tom. Wait...this is a peeping tom...tom turkey that is. 

Baby Tom, peeping at me.

Baby Tom, peeping at me.

This is a chicken peeping through the bathroom window.

Peeping Hen.

Peeping Hen.

Until the next time...I'll be posting another guest post...cuz, it's actually time for one. 

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