tales of the daywalkers (BONUS-week 7)

Instead of our regularly scheduled Monday night blog, I decided to surprise you with an extra special installment of Daywalkers.  This part is taking place immediately following the events of week 7, but from Sebastian’s point of view.  If you liked it and would like more, please leave a comment below!

Weekly Feature…Vampire Fiction Serial BONUS episode


The Daywalker ChroniclesSebastian slammed a fist against the outside of Victoria’s white coffin.  “I will be right here.  Just remember that.” A light froth formed at the corners of his mouth as he shouted at the closed lid. 

A dull knocking sounded from inside.

The casket whined in protest as Sebastian dug his fingernails into the polished finish.  This was not at all what he had planned for his reunion with his estranged wife.  There was a time when she would have been putty in his cold hands, and he had every intention of captivating her attentions once again. 

The fault rested solely with the human.  For fuck sake, he blamed both of the bloody humans.  If he didn’t know better, he might have thought Claude was…

But that was impossible.   

Sebastian paced around the extravagant tomb as sunlight streamed in through the window.  It was foolish to have waited.  He should have given her the secret right away.  That would have prevented this from happening.  But how could he have known circumstances would evolve in such a way? 

None of this was in the plans.  It wasn’t his intention to come back for the woman.  He came back for the bloody amulet.  Victoria was just a means to an end—unimportant in the grand scheme. 

He could tell himself that all day long, but it would still be a lie.  His reasons for coming back were far more complicated.  There was the thought that, perhaps, she might have forgotten why she’d left in the first place.  But thoughts like that were ludicrous.   She would never forget.  If only he could convince her to simply leave the past behind. 

Sunlight bounced off the lacquered surface of the casket and thawed his cold skin.  He waved his hand through the shaft of light, watching as the shadows changed with each subtle movement.  No amount of sunlight could warm his dark soul, especially while his wife lay inside that box with someone else. Knowing Victoria was in there with him would surely drive him insane.  It would require constant reminding on his part to keep from opening the damn box while the sun was still up.  Doing so would burn them both in minutes. 

Then he would never find the amulet…and he needed the damn amulet.

“It’s too quiet in there.” Sebastian hammered a fist against the lid again.  The attraction between Victoria and her fledgling was obvious.  It was apparent while he was still a stinking human.  He should have killed Claude while he had the chance. 

To Hell with her reaction.

It wasn’t natural for a vampire to be drawn to a human other than to feed.  The attraction was one sided…designed to entice their prey…nothing more.  Not for Victoria.  She had to go and form a bond with her humans.  Keep them as pets.  Take them as lovers.  Even the memory enraged him. 

There were drawbacks to having flawless recall. 

It was the early eighties, a decade he eschewed even at its pinnacle.  He loathed it all…the clothes, the music…the debauchery—a funny thing for a vampire to despise, but he did.  There was no dignity left in humanity by then.  Not like in his time.   Even amidst the brutality, there was honor.  Of course the history books had it all wrong…but they always do. 

In centuries past, there was an art to the kill.  Nothing like the modern predator—rushing in with no style whatsoever.  It was embarrassing to watch.  No…it wouldn’t matter if he walked the earth for an eternity, Sebastian would never adapt to those methods.  His prey were always willing victims.  That was part of the challenge of the hunt. 

On one particular fateful evening, he had partaken of the nectar of three magnificent beauties.  Each competing with the other for his attention.  Every one of them went to their graves in the throes of ecstasy, at his hand.  It was his gift in exchange for their lives.  Nothing more. 

But of course, his wife didn’t see it that way.  She came from another era where fidelity had a completely different meaning.  She fled their home and took refuge in a small flat in a very big city.  Sebastian followed her, of course.  It was ridiculous to think he wouldn’t, and yet she was horrified to see him when he arrived, most appropriately, on the tail of a storm.

There was something exquisite in the pained look on her face as she realized she had been caught.  Head tipped to the side like a confused pet, Sebastian questioned his own perception.  Was he truly seeing what he thought he was seeing?  Could a vampire’s eyes be tricked? It appeared to be his wife ensconced in the arms of her valet. 

He was a Frenchman.  That was the most Sebastian cared to find out about him.  He didn’t even ask his name.  It was inconsequential.  He was a flea.  Nothing. 

Delicate fingers snaked around his arm as Victoria begged pathetically for his life.  “Sebastian, no! Please don’t hurt him.”

She blocked his body with her own but Sebastian was incensed beyond rational thought.  His powerful canines sank into her flesh, viciously tearing at her shoulder like a rabid dog before cold hands tossed her aside like refuse.  For his part, her consort attempted to defend her. 

His pathetic attempt was almost laughable.  

The valet drew a slim shard of wood from beneath a pillow and rushed Sebastian with a primal scream.  The stake was only off the mark by a few inches, but that was enough.  Even before he drove his fangs into the man’s neck, Sebastian knew the flavor would be sweet and savory, like a French delicacy.  The aroma was intoxicating, untainted by chemicals, as many were in those days. Had Sebastian’s anger dissipated even fractionally, he would have still gorged himself on the blood of his human.  It was too delicious to pass up.

While Sebastian fed, Victoria vanished, taking with her the mystical amulet and any trace he might have followed.

There were other ways to find her in the nearly thirty years since she had disappeared.  Summoning the power of the amulet to seek her out would have been quite efficient, but it would have destroyed her in the process.  Something he was unwilling to do, even now. 

Then again…

The muffled sounds coming from the casket shook Sebastian from his reverie.  A single leap left him crouching on the lid like a cat. 

“I will tear him apart, Victoria.  Just like the last one.  I will fucking rip him to pieces in front of you.” Sebastian swiped at the foam in the corners of his mouth with the back of his hand and shifted his weight until he was sitting on the lid. 

Staring out the window, he conjured up the image of the amulet in his head.  If Claude was the only one who knew its whereabouts, he needed to proceed with tremendous restraint.  The amulet was of the utmost importance.  Everything else could wait.   

Even daywalking was nothing compared to the power of the amulet. 

Sebastian drew in an unnecessary breath to clear his head.  There was no room for emotions.  Victoria believed the amulet could be exchanged for the bounty on his head.  He was certain he could count on her sense of duty to guide her. 

As long as she never discovered the real reason he was so desperate to find it.


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