tales of the daywalkers (week 8)

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The Daywalker ChroniclesMy casket groaned under the stress of the beating it was taking. Even through the layers of satin and polished wood, I could hear Sebastian raging on the other side.  The image of his dark features and pale skin ripping the box apart, exposing us to the sun, caused my insides to twist.

I shuddered. 

“He wouldn’t…” I said silently. 

“Wouldn’t what?” Claude asked.

I turned toward his voice and blinked at the blackness.  “Nothing.” I lied.  It was senseless for both of us to worry.  Claude knew better than most how violent Sebastian could be when angry.

The inside of the coffin grew deathly quiet for a moment as we both listened to the angry storm that was Sebastian.

“I don’t think he would.” Claude answered my unspoken question with a squeeze of my hand.

“I hope you’re right.” I frowned in the darkness.  “It’s a good thing he doesn’t know who you really are.”

“Hmm.” Claude shifted his weight and his hips rolled against me. “Who am I then?”

“Don’t be an ass.” My lips quirked into a faint smile.  “You know who you are.  But Sebastian can never find out…”

“That it was my father he murdered?” He finished my thought somberly.


We lay quietly again for a long moment. 

“Why would it be so horrible if he knew?  The truth would be worse than this?” Claude pressed his mouth against my shocked lips. 

I knew I should resist.  Sebastian had impeccable hearing.  But I didn’t.  Instead, my body melted into his.

The casket shuddered from another blow from the outside. 

“What the hell is he doing out there?” Claude banged against the inside of the lid.

“Please don’t provoke him.”

“Maybe he shouldn’t provoke me.”  Claude’s lips feathered against my ear.  “Not if he’s so anxious to track down that hideous old necklace.”

“He wouldn’t hesitate to kill you to find it.” I gripped his chin in my fingers.  It was imperative he understand the importance of what I was saying.  His years of living with me had not prepared him nearly well enough to face a vampire as evil as Sebastian.

“Don’t worry about me.  I have a plan.”

A burst of laughter bubbled past my lips.  “Why don’t I feel better knowing that?”

Over the years, Claude’s days were filled with activity while I hid from the sun. I had slept through enough of his grand plans to know this could end badly.   The foolish decision to dispose of the necklace had been one of his brilliant ideas.  It was the last remnant of my life with Sebastian, and if I didn’t know where it was, there would be no way to go after it. Only he knew its whereabouts. No amount of threats or torture could force Claude to waver on that decision. I could only guess.

“What are you doing?” The cool silk of my gown shifted across my legs. 

Claude’s lips tipped into a smile against my cheek.  “What do you mean?”

I drew in a quick intake of breath. “Is that your…”

“Hand? Yes it is.” Claude’s hand snaked its way up my thigh. 

“You really shouldn’t…”

“Ah, now there.  What were you saying?” He purred in my ear.

“Nothing,” I moaned. 

Claude went back to kissing me quietly as his deft fingers left me speechless.

What am I doing? 

That question was screaming over and over again in my head.  This was insane.  I must have been over the edge, off my rocker, crazy.  Was I deluding myself into thinking Claude was his father…the last man I had actually made love to?

No, I knew better.

I pulled my mouth from his to whisper in his ear.  “We can’t do this.”

“Yes we can, mistress.” I could hear the smile in his voice.

I sobered up quickly. “Would you please stop calling me that?”

“I’ve always called you that.”

“Yes, I know.  It’s always bothered me.”

“You were, after all, my father’s mistress.  It’s how he referred to you in private.  His mistress.”

I let out a soft sigh.  “But I wasn’t your mistress.”

Claude sucked my bottom lip into his mouth and released it with a soft pop. “That can be easily fixed.”

He went back to work on my resolve, thoroughly destroying my ability to argue.  

“Why are you doing this?” I groaned.  “Is this your way of punishing me for changing you?”

“Punishing you? Why would you think that? Surely you know I’ve loved you my whole life.”

My silent heart was breaking.  “Oh, Claude.”

He kissed me gently.  “It’s true. My entire short miserable life.”

“I never knew.”

“It wasn’t something I was exactly proud of…falling in love with the creature who ultimately caused my father’s untimely death.  I felt as if I was betraying his memory somehow.”

“You were just a child.”

“I was old enough to understand what was happening.  And I could see the fear in your eyes as you hid me away.  I don’t think I appreciated how much that truly cost you until last night.  When Sebastian walked through the door after all those years.  You still love him.”

“I never regretted caring for you.  Not for a moment.”  My hands cupped his face as my lips sought out his in the dark. 

Claude kissed me back with what felt like raw desperation.  It was an overflow of emotions bottled up for nearly three decades.  The love he claimed to feel for me was a palpable force in the tiny space.  I wasn’t sure how I felt…what my own intentions were…but it didn’t matter.  At that moment, the only thing I cared about was what his touch was doing to my body.  I could deal with the rest later.

“Make love to me.” I murmured against his open mouth.

Claude paused briefly.  “What about your husband?”

“He’s not invited this time.” I smiled. 

“Good.  I don’t think the vampire in me likes to share all that much.”


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