tales of the daywalkers (BONUS-week 6)

Instead of our regularly scheduled Monday night blog, I decided to surprise you with an extra special installment of Daywalkers.  This part is taking place immediately following the events of week 6, but from Claude’s point of view.  If you liked it and would like more, please leave a comment below!

Weekly Feature…Vampire Fiction Serial BONUS episode


The Daywalker ChroniclesI could smell his fear.  Raw…pungent…like the sweat from a wild animal captured and caged in a sweltering box.  Absolute terror held him in his place.  As his heart slammed against the walls of his chest, I also caught the tantalizing aroma of the blood coursing through his veins. 

It was amazing. 

In all my human life…even the short time since…I had never smelled anything so intoxicating.  Well, almost never.  I smiled at Victoria as she stalked around behind my victim. 

My victim.  Another first.  Would I ever get used to my world as it is now? 

“What the Hell do you think you’re doing?”  The poet shuddered.  He must have sensed what was about to happen and the stench was even more overwhelming than before. 

“Don’t fight it.  It’s terribly painful if you do,” Victoria whispered to him as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders from behind.  She held him steady for me, like a lioness feeding her young.  “You can do it,” she urged.

The hunger was nearly unbearable.  Infinitely worse than when I tasted Victoria earlier.  But it wasn’t her blood my body craved. My desire for her was something altogether different.  And it would have to wait.  At that moment, my basic requirement was to feed.

My fangs lengthened.  It was the most unusual sensation…almost sexual.  My teeth tingled as blood surged through my gums, swelling the canines until they slid out on their own.  As my fangs fully elongated, the tingling spread throughout my entire body.  The need to drive them deep into flesh until blood poured down my throat was overpowering.

“Please…please don’t.” The poet began to shake with soft sobs. 

“You’re supposed to say…what big teeth you have,” I smirked.   

Victoria rolled her eyes at me as she whispered in his ear.  Quiet tears spilled over his cheeks.  I saw her with completely new eyes.  I was aware that my human self would have been mortified to see her in such a vicious light…but I felt none of that emotion.  What I felt was akin to lust, watching as she held fast to the vessel that held my first taste of human blood. 

My fangs weren’t the only part of me suddenly lengthening.

“She’s beautiful isn’t she?” I asked him.

He squeezed his eyes shut as I leaned closer, unable to hide my delight…or my fangs…any longer. 

“Answer me,” I demanded.

“Yeh…yes,” he stammered.  “B-beautiful.” 

I smiled at him, running a finger through his straggly beard.  “Do women really get this?” I asked him.  I already knew the answer…it was a resounding no.  Not that it would matter much longer.  Not that it mattered to me at all.  “Yes…” I gazed into Victoria’s eyes.  “She is beautiful.”

“Claude…can you feed already? We really need to get out of here.” Victoria flashed a quick smile at me and glanced at the poet’s exposed throat. 

I sighed.  “Time to get down to business it would seem.  A pity.  We were having so much fun. You aren’t as appealing as my last meal, Matt…but I suspect you’ll taste better than you look.”  I stopped his cries with a well-placed palm over his open mouth, and made an exaggerated lunge for his throat. 

He was much softer than Victoria, in an overripe banana sort of way.  I may have used too much force in plunging my fangs into his neck because his head went limp in my hands.  The blood though…the blood was extraordinary.  It was the most succulent fruit…the most mouthwatering steak…the most delicate, luxurious dessert, I had ever tasted.  I was at a loss for words to describe its perfection. 

As the last of his life faded, I let the poet slide through my fingers into a crumpled heap on the pavement below me.  His blood still dripped from my lips as I crushed them against Victoria’s, sharing the remains of my meal with her. 

I would have taken her right then and there if I could have.  I wanted to.  There was no Sebastian.  No ghost of my father.  Nothing to stop me.

“Claude…it’ll be dawn soon.  We need to get back home.” Victoria whispered against my lips.

Nothing but the sun that is.


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Posted on October 3, 2011 .