tales of the daywalkers (bonus - the hunt)

Instead of our regularly scheduled Thursday night blog, I decided to surprise you with an extra special installment of Daywalkers. This is the second part of this week’s bonus…the hunt.  If you liked it and would like more, please leave a comment below!

Weekly Feature…Vampire Fiction Serial BONUS episode


The Daywalker ChroniclesSebastian flew through the woods like a wraith…his feet barely coming in contact with the moist earth. He tasted the night with every breath he took, searching for the slightest trace of life in the woods.  There was no evidence of Victoria in this direction…his main reason for choosing to push deeper into the national forest.  But there were also no signs of life. Not human life anyway, and he wasn’t interested in settling for wildlife.  

Sebastian paused for a long moment…listening.  A faint droning in the distance drew him forward. He recognized the purring of an idling car, and set off toward the sound. The crunching of Claude’s heavy steps, closing the distance behind him, only drove Sebastian to move faster.  The plan wasn’t to lose him…not really. The point was to prove himself superior. The fledgling needed to know who he was dealing with.

Under ordinary circumstances, he never would have tolerated Victoria’s manservant this long.  He would have ripped his head from his body and watched as every drop of his blood soaked into the cold hard ground.  But these weren’t ordinary circumstances.  Claude was the key to the amulet. 

And the amulet was the key to everything.

Sebastian would have to bide his time, pretend to cooperate.  He could do that.  The prize was more than worth it.

“Aren’t you coming?” Sebastian taunted from the top of a knoll.

“Just taking in the scenery,” the new vampire said.

“We don’t have time for sightseeing. We’re chasing the dawn and we have to be sure Victoria drinks the tonic before the sun rises.”

Claude’s face softened into a warm smile at the mention of Victoria. He was so predictable.  Sebastian would use that knowledge for a later time. 

“I’ve taken care of that. Not to worry.” Claude said.

“What do you mean? You’ve taken care of what?”

“I left Victoria a note beside her vial. She’ll drink it.” Claude smiled, turning his face to the forest.

“And what about the vial I gave you?” Sebastian asked, agitated.

The other vampire drew a silk scarf from his pocket and carefully unwrapped the glass vial.  “Right here.  I didn’t want to take any chances.” Distrust was written all over Claude’s face. 

Sebastian wanted to laugh out loud.  The fledgling had no reason to worry about Sebastian taking his vial from him. 

“Don’t break it.” Sebastian said as he broke into sprint.  “And try to keep up.”

Together they burst through the trees into a clearing, startling a group of six young people.  They were paired up in couples, huddled around a raging fire, drinking vodka straight from a bottle and passing a single cigarette. 

“Who the Hell are you?” A brazen blonde girl spoke.  She slurred her words, and leaned into the man beside her.

Claude’s fangs sprang to their full length and he smiled widely to show them off.  “We’re the ones your mother warned you about.”

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Posted on November 10, 2011 .