tales of the daywalkers (bonus - the amulet)

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The Daywalker ChroniclesWeekly Feature…Vampire Fiction Serial BONUS episode

Sebastian excused himself to take his satchel upstairs. He was determined to tuck it away where it wouldn’t be easily found.  He couldn’t risk Claude nicking the tonic he had left. He wasn’t sure he could trust Victoria either. Not the way she looked at him this evening.  Something had caused the memories of her past life to resurface…something he wasn’t keen on dredging up. He wondered if reminding her they lived had been a bad idea.  His intention was to give her comfort, but it would seem his plan had backfired. Sebastian should have known Victoria wouldn’t take comfort in her family walking the night in search of blood. Her feelings about this unconventional existence were no secret.  The stake had barely missed his heart the night she discovered the fate of her family.

In his own defense, it wasn’t his idea.  Her father had been unrelenting in his desire to become immortal. The man had essentially begged Sebastian to turn him.  And the incentive was far too delicious to pass up.

By the spring of 1783, Sebastian had grown tired of the endless season of social events.  The balls…the galas…they no longer held his interest.  Neither did the vapid women drawn to his home like moths to the light. He merely found enjoyment in the irony of it all.  Sebastian, himself, was the very absence of light, and any woman foolishly lured to him would quickly regret her fascination with the mysterious Lord Sebastian. But as bored as he grew of the drudgery, the events did bring the occasional treasure to his door.  One particular treasure was the only one he sought out.

It was the night of the May Ball.  The mansion was lit up like the sky on a starry night. It took his entire staff to light the candles, and several just to keep them lit throughout the night. Sebastian sat by the fire, bored with the spectacle.  The women were paraded past him like cattle at an auction, but the allure had faded. A small blonde was chosen for later—he still had to feed—but even sex had lost its luster.  There was only one visitor he awaited, and the man was late.  

By the time the merchant arrived, Sebastian’s patience had worn thin, and his appetite had grown.

The back of a chubby hand wiped at beads of sweat as they rolled from the man’s face into the collar of his shirt.  His fingers fumbled with the clasp on his leather satchel until it finally fell open exposing the glint of metal and stone inside.

“Where did you get this?” Sebastian shifted his attention from the heavy piece of jewelry in the bag to the nervous merchant. 

The man reached into the bag to retrieve the necklace and dangled it over a flickering candle. “That is of no importance. You could search for a century and never find another like it.”

“Hmmm. I have searched for longer than a century for this.” Sebastian took the chain from the merchant’s trembling fingers and held the amulet up to the soft glow of the candle. The black stone cast a strange glimmer across the walls.

“Have you seen the power?” The man asked.

“Have you?”

“I’ve heard much about it. But I’m not acquainted with many of…your kind…so I haven’t seen it with my own eyes. Though, I doubt I would have been able to hold on to the amulet had another child of the night been searching for it.”

Sebastian’s laughter broke the silence. “Children of the night?”

“Forgive me…I’m not entirely sure what I should call…”

“My kind?” Sebastian’s mouth turned up at the corners. “Blood drinkers…night walkers…monsters?”

The merchant avoided eye contact, instead concentrating on the amulet as it gently swung from Sebastian’s fingers.  “Yes, well…I have heard those terms before.”

Sebastian leaned in to whisper in the man’s ear. “Vampire.”

The merchant flinched away from the word, tenuously holding out his hand for the amulet.  “Do we have a deal then?”

“Perhaps.” Sebastian placed the jeweled necklace back in the man’s outstretched fingers. “Tell me more about this daughter of yours.”

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