tales of the daywalkers (bonus - the tonic)

Instead of our regularly scheduled Tuesday night blog, I decided to surprise you with an extra special installment of Daywalkers. It would seem some of you would like to know what was going on while Victoria hunted. So here you go! If you liked it and would like more, please leave a comment below!

Weekly Feature…Vampire Fiction Serial BONUS episode

The Daywalker ChroniclesI flinched as the back door slammed, and turned to Sebastian. “She seemed pretty angry, didn’t she?”

“You distract her from her priorities.” Sebastian scrutinized me through narrowed eyes before shifting his focus back to the plants. “You’ve made her soft.”

The image of a soft Victoria in my arms brought a smile to my face. “It suits her.” I picked up a bunch of the deadly white flowers to breathe in the delicate scent.

“It will be her undoing.” His eyes caught mine and he scowled. “Put those down. You’ll damage the blooms.”

Sebastian twisted a knob on the stove and a front burner flickered to life.

“So what exactly are we doing here?” I asked. “You said there are only enough plant parts to make two doses and there are three of us.”

He lifted the heavy pot onto the flame. “You catch on quickly.”

My lips twitched. “Yes, I made it all the way through school. Victoria insisted I be educated…she likes that in a man.”

Sebastian blew out a breath. “Perhaps you should go polish something. Isn’t that your job around here?”

A slow grin split my face as I thought of the hours I spent with Victoria in the casket. “I’ve taken care of all the polishing, but thank you.”

His eyes flashed at me and for a moment I thought he would lunge for my throat, but he paused to take a slow, deep breath. “I don’t have time to play your games, fledgling. I need to get this done before the sun rises. You can either get out of the way or make yourself useful.” Sebastian eyed me up and down. “I would prefer you just disappear.”

I scooped up a handful of caster beans. “And if I trusted you even slightly, I would prefer to be anywhere else right now…but since I don’t…I think I’ll just stick around to keep an eye on you.”

Sebastian grunted.

“Good. We agree.” I bared my fangs in a wide smile, and picked up a bunch of fragile hemlock blooms. “What goes in first?”

Sebastian watched me from the corner of his eye as he called out the order of ingredients. Precisely what he was searching for in my face, I wasn’t certain, but I knew he was being careful. I followed his instructions to the letter, making a mental note of the recipe for future reference.

A cloud of steam hung heavy in the air as the tonic bubbled furiously in the steel pot. The fragrance was light and floral with an underlying bite of pepper. My human self would have shied away from it instinctively, but my vampire incarnation was intrigued. I wanted to taste it. My skin tingled with the anticipation of this warm liquid washing down my dry throat.

Would I notice the change immediately?

“The tonic needs to be sealed into glass vials.” Sebastian held three vials in front of him. “Get the corks. I left them in the car.”

This was the moment I was waiting for. Deception was showing its evil face. I marked the memory for later and ran to the car to retrieve the requested corks. I returned to see Sebastian pouring the last of his elixir into the third vial.

His eyes darted in my direction then back to his work. “Seal the others.” He nodded to the two filled vials resting upright in a metal rack. “We don’t want to drink until just before dawn.”

I nodded, eyeing the third vial carefully as I corked the other two.

“Give me a cork.” Sebastian held out his hand and I pressed the stopper into his palm.

After plugging the opening, he placed the third tube onto the counter in front of me.

“What’s this for?” I asked.

“That’s yours. Don’t lose it.”

I held the hot vial to the light to stare at the crystal clear liquid. “I wouldn’t dream of losing something so important.”

“We need to hunt before it gets too late,” Sebastian said.

“We?” I asked.

Sebastian eyed me cautiously. “Victoria would be cross with me if I left you behind to fend for yourself. What choice do I have?”

“No choice at all, it would seem.” I knew nothing was what it seemed. It never was when Sebastian was involved. But he was underestimating me. I already knew his secret.


Until the next time…Who wants to see Sebastian’s point of view?

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Posted on November 8, 2011 .