december is for daywalkers

Today is December first.

The day has much significance. It’s the first day of the last month of the year.  The first day of the Christmas season (at my house anyway).  The first day of my birthday month (the last day of the month is my birthday). And the first day of the Daywalker’s “Getting into Character” contest.

What? You haven’t heard about the “Getting into Character” contest?

R.W.W Greene was kind enough to write a guest post last week, highlighting the power of the costume.  He called his post, Getting into Character. I stole that title for the contest…I don’t think he’ll mind.  He was our first entry, decked out in his incarnation of “Claude”.

But starting today, anyone can enter. Just dress up as your favorite Daywalker character, or find a friend, coworker, or person on the street that embodies one of the Daywalker vampires, and take their picture for the contest.  If you win, you get a $25 Amazon Gift card.  Oh…and bragging rights! (official rules here)

And since I’m so excited about the contest, I have a surprise for Daywalker fans! I will be featured on DC McMillen’s blog Friday…and I’m bringing an extra special bonus with me.  So don’t forget to stop by!

DC will be holding down the fort over here while I splash Daywalker red all over her blog, so be sure you stop here for DC’s special brand of humor too!

Wow…December really is a big month isn’t it?  I guess I should be baking cookies for the occasion…maybe vampire cookies…just so I can say I took a big bite!

Until the next time…I’ll be hanging out on the Getting into Character tab at the top of the page (visit me?)

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Posted on December 1, 2011 .