Tales of the Daywalkers (week 15 - BONUS)

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The Daywalker Chronicles

Special Bonus Daywalkers episode from Claude’s point of view.


The letter was clenched tightly in my fist as I stared at the bright road ahead of me.  The words sprang out of my memory just as they had from the page as I read it, not an hour ago. 

My Dearest Victoria, I think of you, and I am certain I have been bewitched. In these final moments before the dawn, as the bitter streaks of morning stain the sky like a trail of blood, I think of you…

My eyes squeezed shut to block the images materializing inside my head. The absolute last thing I wanted was to have Sebastian’s declaration of abject devotion trapped in my head for all eternity.

It was bad enough to know the letter existed.

From the moment I discovered Sebastian’s swirling script on the ancient parchment,  I knew I had to destroy it… obliterate what it represented.  If I was lucky, it would sever the inexplicable bond between the two of them.

What I couldn’t understand is why Sebastian held on to this for so long. The letter was dated back to a time when Victoria was still human. Why carry it for over two centuries, tucked into the pocket of his dusty old leather satchel? I had no idea if Victoria ever read it, but if she had returned his affections at the time…wouldn’t she have kept it with her things?

I knew very little of her time before my life.  Victoria was only forthcoming with bits and pieces.  But upon finding the letter, I suddenly had an overwhelming need to know more about that time.  Had she rejected Sebastian’s affection even then? And what of her contention that she was merely a bargaining chip in her father’s quest to be immortal.  The letter would appear to contradict that assumption.

I had always considered myself a romantic, but never once imagined Sebastian had a drop of tenderness within his frozen body.  

Without thinking, I crushed the note in my hand.

“What is that?” Victoria’s question shook me briefly from my musings.

Her eyes were focused on my balled up fist.

“Nothing you need to worry about.” I forced a smile, but kept my eyes to the road ahead.  Victoria had an uncanny ability to read my face. Far better than she could read her husband’s.

“It must be very important for you to grip it so tightly while driving. Would you like me to hold it for you?” Any other time, her smile would have disarmed me.  I had other things on my mind.

My hand reflexively tightened around the crumpled letter. “Sharing everything is highly overrated, you know.”

Victoria went still for a moment.

“Where are we going?” She asked suddenly.

“You’ll see.” I smiled.  Surely our destination would distract her from the damned letter.  

We rode in silence for several miles before the weight of the letter grew too much for me to bear.  It needed to go, and it needed to go now.

“Is this it?” Victoria looked around the shaded alley as I parked the car behind a dumpster.

“No. I just need to make a quick stop.” I hopped out of the car and she followed me.

“What sort of stop?” Victoria quizzed me.

“Stay here.”

Victoria popped an eyebrow up, but said nothing.

“Just stay. I won’t be long.”


I heard her slam the car door as I rounded a corner. She wouldn’t let it go, I was certain. But I would deal with an explanation later. After I had time to think of one.  And after I’d watched that letter burn to ash.  

If only I could do the same to Sebastian.

I smoothed out the ancient love letter and scanned the words one last time as I lit a single match.

I would gladly bargain with the devil, himself, and all the flames of hell for but a fleeting moment in the sun with you.  And trade all eternity for just a single day…a single hour…a single minute basking in the glow of your love. If I could ask but one thing of you, it would be to return my love with even a glimmer of the fervor with which it has been given.  All the world would be yours in exchange. 

Your humble servant…


I held the match to the crumbling corner. Fire quickly took hold of the dried parchment, swallowing the wretched words along with it. Relief washed over me like fresh rain. Whatever hold Sebastian had over Victoria disintegrated into black flakes of dust in the wind as the flame crawled across the paper.

My back was to the alley, so I caught her unmistakable scent before I saw her, and I froze in place.

“What are you doing?”


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