tales of the daywalkers (week 16 - the letter)

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Weekly Feature…Vampire Fiction Serial BONUS episode

The Daywalker Chronicles “Where is it?” Sebastian dug through the pockets of his satchel.  “I left it right…” He stopped mid-sentence and tilted his head to the side.  The house was too quiet. The fledgling manservant should be blathering on with some ridiculousness or another…trying to convince Victoria to abandon her marriage and run off with him, no doubt.  But there was nothing. Not a sound. 

And the letter was missing. 

Could it have fallen out in the car? Possibly, but Sebastian was more careful than that…with this particular letter especially.  It had sentimental value, of course.  It was the first time he had professed his love to Victoria…whether she read it or not, his entire lifeless heart had been poured into the text. The letter was a reminder of the way he felt from the moment he laid eyes on her portrait. 

That portrait hadn’t done her justice. 

Victoria was much more beautiful in person. From the first time she descended the grand stairs in his home, she would have taken his breath away…had he needed to breathe. 

Of course, the letter represented far more than that.  Carefully woven into the prose was the secret of the amulet…

* * * 

“My dear Thomas…I’ve made my offer and I would think very hard about refusing me.” Sebastian leaned in until he could taste the sweat weeping from Mr. Edwards’ skin.  “You have named your price, and I have agreed to pay it. Immortality. What you do with that is no concern of mine.”

A groaning sound emanated from deep within Thomas’s chest. “But my daughter…”

Sebastian pressed a finger into Thomas’s lips, creating a deep indentation. “As valuable as the amulet may be, it is hardly enough to pay for something as eternal as immortality.”

Shallow breaths warmed Sebastian’s skin, but the man did not speak.

“Your daughter…” A slow smile thawed Sebastian’s icy face.  “She is my true prize.  I will take her as payment for immortality, and you will give me the amulet as her dowry.”

The man’s lips twitched under Sebastian’s finger.  “Ah…no arguments. If we are in agreement, nod your head.”

Thomas nodded his head infinitesimally and Sebastian smiled widely in response.  “Very good. Wise decision.”

Once his lips were his own again, Thomas spoke. “What will I tell Victoria?”

“Nothing. I will arrange for her to be brought here, and we will be married immediately. Once Victoria is my wife, you will be paid.”  

Thomas clutched his miniature portrait of Victoria. His eyes filled as he gazed at her image.

With deft grace, Sebastian snatched the portrait from Thomas’s chubby fingers and tucked it into his pocket before bringing his hands together in a loud clap. As if they were waiting in the wings, a staff of servants scurried into the room.

“Preparations must be made. I will marry in a fortnight.”  

As Thomas reset his heart to a normal rhythm, Sebastian glided off to his private library to compose a letter to his bride. A letter that would carefully conceal a map to unlock the power of the amulet…

* * *

A letter that was not in the pocket it was left in.

Like a fire had been lit under him, Sebastian flew out of the room and down the stairs.  His senses were on alert as he tasted the air for any trace of his wife and her imprudent sidekick.  A faint hint of Victoria’s distinctive scent lingered in the foyer.

With a tilt of his head, Sebastian listened again. The sounds of birds in the trees…a car off in the distance…a jet making a final approach for the airport…those he could hear.  There was not a single sound coming from inside the house. Sebastian tore through the rooms smashing every lamp and vase within his reach. Victoria and Claude were gone. So were his keys.

A southern facing window loomed across the room, daylight spilling across wood floors. Sebastian froze in place. How long had he dallied on the upper level? Had the daywalker tonic had time to make its way through his shriveled veins? Slowly, he approached the glass until sunlight touched his skin. 

Reflexively, Sebastian pulled his arm back. Searing pain engulfed him as blisters formed where the light touched his skin.    

“Victoria!” Sebastian’s voice shattered against the walls in the empty house. 


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