pre-birthday celebration

I got myself a present (a book). My husband took me out for lunch…and dinner. (That’s right…no cooking at home!) And today wasn’t even my birthday.

It was my pre-birthday.

I know…I’m a little old to be making such a big deal about birthdays, most women my age “suspended” all birthdays past the age of 29. But as my father has always said…when it comes to birthdays, as long as they keep coming, you need to celebrate them.

I have every intention of celebrating mine from the midnight to midnight. And since the second midnight brings with it the New Year, it just seems all the more exciting.

And speaking of exciting…I’ve decided to extent the Daywalkers “Getting into Character” contest through January. It would seem people were having trouble getting their entries in during the holidays, so I’m giving you time to get into character! If you haven’t checked out the contest page, you can find that here. And while you’re in there, visit the Gallery for the entries that have been submitted and accepted. I’m excited to see more entries come in after ringing in the New Year!

Ok, so now I’m off to bed so I can wake up early for my birthday breakfast. If I’m lucky, I’ll get to go out to eat all day long! And maybe even take in a movie in the evening.

I love birthdays!


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Posted on December 30, 2011 .