tales of the daywalkers (week 15)

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The Daywalker ChroniclesClaude clenched…something; I wasn’t sure what…tightly in his hand as he drove.  The muscle in his jaw stiffened as his focus shifted from the road to his fist, and the item he held.  He had that same look of pure hatred on his face as when he glared at Sebastian. I couldn’t imagine what in the world could elicit such a response from him.

“What is that?” I nodded to the object in his hand.

“Nothing you need to worry about.” He smiled, but never took his eyes from the road ahead.  It was clear he was determined to keep the mysterious item from me, making me more curious by the minute.

Almost to the point of distraction.

“It must be very important for you to grip it so tightly while driving.  Would you like me to hold it for you?” I gave him my most alluring smile.

His hand constricted around the hidden treasure. “Sharing everything is highly overrated, you know.”

Claude suddenly reminded me of Sebastian.  I didn’t liked this side of him.

“Where are we going?” I changed the subject.

“You’ll see.” He glanced at me out of the corner of his eye and smiled again. This time the smile was genuine. 

Rather than risk losing that unaffected smile, I sat back in the seat and closed my eyes. Rays of sunlight shattered off the glass sending warm light across my cloaked skin.  Daylight. Warm and bright. I would never get used to it. I would never take it for granted again.

It wasn’t a long ride, but it gave me time to think. About Sebastian, about my father, and about the deal they struck over two hundred years ago.

* * *  

“Father…you cannot mean for me to marry this man?” I lowered my voice to just above a whisper as I cautiously eyed Sebastian across the room. Candlelight cast eerie shadows across his handsome face.  “Would you truly see me become a blood drinker? Do you really wish to doom my soul for all eternity?”

My father quickly glanced to where Sebastian stood smiling…his black eyes locked on me like a newly won prize.  Sweat poured from father’s face and he mopped it with a damp handkerchief. “Victoria, be reasonable. He is a very wealthy, important man.  He can provide for you far better than I.”

“Provide for me? He wants to make me into a monster!” My calm façade slipped.

Sebastian laughed. A deep throaty laugh as if I had just shared a vulgar joke. My eyes went wide as I watched him cross the room in less time than it took me to take a breath.

The room spun around me. I would have fallen to the floor if he hadn’t caught me.

“The idea of someone as lovely as you becoming a monster is completely ludicrous.”  Sebastian’s hand cupped the side of my cheek as if he feared I might crumble at his touch. “On the contrary, my dear.  Haven’t you read my letter? It is my wish to give you the world.”

I recovered my senses and recoiled from his icy touch. “You mean the night. The light of day will be forever lost to me. And what of children?”  My attention shifted from Sebastian to my father. “Do you hate me so that you would rob me of my womb? Leave me barren and empty?”

My father pressed a finger to my lips. “Don’t be disagreeable Victoria.  Lord Sebastian is being quite generous to agree to spare your family in exchange. Surely you would want your sisters to be safe?”

“Well, yes of course…I would do anything to keep them safe, but…”

“There you have it.  The deal has been brokered.  There is nothing more to say about it.”

The smile slid from Sebastian’s face, leaving a dark mask in its place.  “You did read my letter, did you not? Everything is explained in the letter.”

“What letter?  I know nothing of a letter.”  I fought back tears as my fate emerged before my eyes.

“Yes, of course…the letter.” Father stumbled over the words.  “I…I hadn’t had the chance to give her the letter…yet. I had every intention…”

Sebastian approached my father with controlled restraint.  It was there in the way the vein in his forehead throbbed…and how his hands trembled as he laid them upon my father’s shoulders. “You should have given her the letter the minute she arrived.  Those were my instructions.”

“It’s right here…” Father struggled to pull a folded piece of parchment from his coat pocket.  “You can give it to her yourself.”

“I don’t want your letter,” I shrieked. “I don’t want your gifts, or your attentions. If I am meant to be a monster, let me die instead.  I would sooner swallow poison than spend an eternity with you.”

Sebastian re-folded the letter my father had handed him and slid it carefully into his breast pocket. His restraint was slipping. I could feel it rippling off him like distant thunder. His hands reached out to grab the tops of my arms, drawing me in to him as if I was nothing more than a child’s toy. Icy breath tickled my neck as he leaned in to whisper to me.

“We have an eternity for you to change your mind, my love.”


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