tales of the daywalkers (week 1)

Weekly Feature…Vampire Fiction Serial  

The Daywalker ChroniclesMy eyes opened to the same inky darkness as the insides of my lids and I blinked twice. I should have been used to waking up in total darkness, it was an occupational hazard, but it always seemed to surprise me just the same.  I pushed up against the plush interior just hard enough to raise the lid a few inches.  A sliver of moonlight seeped in and reflected off the white satin, bathing the interior of my ultra-deluxe casket, model A666, in a soft glow. 


I had overslept…again.

I shoved harder against the lid until it swung wide.  It threatened to fall again before settling in the open position.

“Claude,” I shrieked.  My voice echoed in the empty space. 

Claude should have roused me.  He knew better than to let me sleep.  The sun had been down for at least an hour already, and I would be lucky to get a full ten hours of moonlight before the sun crested the horizon once again.  That was barely enough time to shower, change and grab a bite to eat.  Not if I had to drive all the way across town for food.  It wasn’t like I was going to cook anything, after all. 

I prefer my dinner on the rare side…well, raw actually. And I like to take my time with it.  I hate guzzling my dinner.  My teeth elongated at the thought.

I climbed out of the A666, careful not to snag my silk gown on the brass latches again.  Deluxe model my left fang.  It was a cheap pine box with a shiny white topcoat.  I flipped the lid shut with a dull thud.  The view from the outside was much better.  The moon was high in the sky…it was later than I thought. 

I slipped my icy feet into a pair of satin slippers as I made my way across the vacant room. 

“Claude,” I bellowed again, this time from the top of the stairs. 

“Yes mistress?” He bowed elaborately then rolled his eyes.  “You bitched in my direction?”

My mouth fell open with an audible pop, fully exposing my fangs.  “Do you suddenly have a death wish?”

“Hardly.”  He averted his eyes, picking at a hang nail with his teeth.  His very human teeth. 

“Why didn’t you wake me?” I planted my hands on my hips and waited for a reply.

He continued to chew on his nail, keeping his eyes hidden from mine.  “You’re a big girl…been around for hundreds of years…you shouldn’t need a wake-up call anymore.”

I popped an eyebrow up and glared down at him. 

“It’s not like you’re going to make it through the night, anyway.” He mumbled.

I launched myself down the stairs, wrapping my slender fingers around Claude’s pulsing carotid, my lips against his ear.  “You are a single breath away from being my next meal…I suggest you explain yourself.  Quickly.”

His heart quickened like a hunted rabbit and the smell of fear rolled off his skin like a thick fog. 

“Listen to me very carefully,” Claude whispered in a voice so low only I would be able to hear him. “Your husband arrived just before the sun went down.”  My sudden intake of breath was unnecessary, and unwelcomed. “Mind your reactions…he’s listening I’m certain.”  I relaxed, loosening my grip on his throat. 

“How?” I breathed against his ear.  “How did he arrive with the sun still up?”

He shook his head.  “He wore a wide brimmed hat and a long coat.  His face was covered in shadow.” Claude knew as well as I did that covering our skin in heavy clothes would do little to protect from the sun.  “I wouldn’t have known it was him if not for the eyes.” 

I shuddered.  I remembered those black eyes all too well.  “Where is he?” I hissed.

“Ah, Victoria…so wonderful to see you.”

His voice was like a stake in my heart and I flinched, swallowing a scream.  My head spun around so fast I sliced my lip on one of my fangs and a bead of blood bubbled up.  “Sebastian.”

He closed the distance between us and leaned in to lick the drop of blood as it slid down my chin.  “You look well, my dear.”

I managed an icy glare.  “You look as dead as ever.”

“Oh, darling.  Don’t be cross with me.  I’ve come with an offer you can hardly refuse.”

I laughed.  “I can’t think of any offer from you that I would entertain.  How did you even find me?  It’s been almost thirty years.”

Sebastian shook a finger at me.  “It took me a while to track you down.”  He circled around me, running a cold hand up my arm.  “You changed your hair,” he brushed the fringe of dark hair resting on my shoulder.  “And as for my offer…I think you might change your mind if you knew what it was.”

“I doubt that.” I smirked.  “I remember your idea of an offer I can’t refuse.” My fingers flew up to the two tiny scars on my neck. 

“My love, you will entertain my offer.”  Sebastian pulled my hand away and kissed the back.  “Because not a day goes by that you don’t long for your human life.”

I yanked my hand from his and took a step back.  “My longings are no longer any of your business.”

Sebastian bellowed out a laugh that shook the walls in the cavernous hall.  “You will always be my business, mon cheri.”

I backed up another step, bumping into Claude.  “So what is this offer you think I’ll be so interested in?”

His face broke out in a wide smile exposing his yellowed fangs.  “How would you like to walk in the sun again?”


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Posted on August 30, 2011 .