tales of the daywalkers (week 22 - BONUS)

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The Daywalker ChroniclesWeekly Feature…Vampire Fiction Serial BONUS episode

Sebastian stalked through the foyer to the music room and positioned himself regally on a velvet settee. It took every ounce of control to maintain an easy demeanor with Thomas in such close proximity. He regretted having ever agreed to turn the man. Undoubtedly, he should have killed him and taken the amulet…and Victoria.

Sebastian wasn’t accustomed to mistakes of judgment.

“Sebastian, you have clearly been neglecting my daughter. She has sought out the company of another. Such a tragedy.” Thomas clicked his tongue as he approached. “I had such high hopes.”

“Your daughter abandoned me in Paris and took up with a servant. A human servant.” Sebastian spit out the word human as if it tasted bad.

Thomas raised his eyebrows, a blank expression on his face. “A human? How interesting. I never would have imagined.”

“Yes…well, she’s changed since you knew her.” Sebastian stood to pace the floor.

“Haven’t we all?” Thomas said, following Sebastian’s path with his eyes.

Sebastian grimaced. “You especially. I freely admit I underestimated you, Thomas.”

Thomas smiled widely, exposing a pair of yellowed fangs.

“You played the part exceptionally well, right down to the sweat-beaded brow,” Sebastian continued. “How many vampires did you approach before me?”

Thomas threw his head back as laughter exploded from him. “Only one. She turned me down but insisted I seek you out. Oh, not right away. I had to convince her. She gave me the information in exchange for a little trinket I had unearthed on a buying trip to the orient. She had no idea what it was, of course. That played into my plan far better than even I could have anticipated.” Thomas’s face lit up as he spoke.

“She? You mean Anne?” A light went off in Sebastian’s brain. Of course, Thomas would have sought out Anne.

“Lovely girl. I’m not at all surprised you were drawn to her, so many were.” Thomas’s eyes glazed over as he became absorbed in the recollection. “Hair like spun gold, eyes as bright as a summer day. And absolutely lethal. At least back then.”

“I’ve always wondered what happened to Anne. I knew she was alive…she had to be, I’m still here. But I lost track of her centuries ago.”

“Anne is quite well, I can assure you. And she will be perfectly preserved for as long as she wears the ring.”

Sebastian’s brows knitted together in a deep frown. “What ring?”

“Oh…weren’t you paying attention? The little trinket I found in the orient? Think of it as Snow White’s apple. The beautiful Anne is perfectly preserved in her glass casket, far from the damning rays of the sun, where no one will disturb her.”

So that was what he held over him…Anne. If anything happened to Anne, Sebastian would be turned to dust instantly.

“What would prevent me from killing you now, Thomas? If Anne is safely tucked away and you’re here…I should just stake you and save myself the anguish.”

“Yes, that’s true. I’m sure you could. You’re much older and stronger than I. I would hardly stand a chance against you…but poor Anne.” Thomas clicked his tongue again.

“Poor Anne is safe. You said so yourself.” Sebastian said.

“Do you remember Catherine?” Thomas grinned.

“One of your daughters?”

“Yes, my oldest. Very smart girl. Not nearly as lovely as Victoria, but quite resourceful.”

“I remember her, yes.”

“She visits Anne daily and waits for my call.” Thomas flashed his fangs.

Sebastian blew out a breath. “Let me guess…if you fail to call, Catherine removes the ring?”

“Ah, and so we are finally on the same page.” Thomas clapped his hands together loudly. “And once I have the amulet and the day walker formula we can finally part as friends. I will happily share Anne’s whereabouts with you. You can play the part of the handsome prince, and with a kiss she awakens. Just like the fairytales I read to my girls when they were children.”

“We will never part as friends, Thomas.” Sebastian ground his teeth.

“And for that I am sad.” Thomas paused somberly for a moment before smiling again. “But no matter. You will return the amulet to me…friends or not. You have until nightfall tomorrow.” He turned his wrist to check his watch. “A little more than twenty four hours. More than fair, I think. Yes, more than fair.”

“What about Victoria? Will you damn your favorite daughter for eternity just to retrieve the amulet?”

Thomas dropped his eyes to the floor. “My poor Victoria…I would mourn her most dreadfully. But it can’t be helped. I must have the amulet.”

Sebastian shook his head with a laugh. “Yes, I truly have underestimated you, Thomas. The depths you are willing to go to amaze even me.”

“I’m not worried Sebastian. I knew it from the moment you laid eyes on my daughter…you would never let her die. Not even to save your own soul. And how fortunate for you to be able to save both Anne and Victoria? The cost is but one little trinket.”

A trinket with the power of the sun at its core.


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