tales of the daywalkers (week 19 - bonus)

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The Daywalker Chronicles

Special Bonus Daywalkers episode from Claude’s point of view.

“Where do you think you’re going?” I reached over and grabbed Victoria’s wrist before she could open the car door.

Victoria gaped at me, then at my fingers still coiled around her wrist.  “I’m going to get the amulet.”

“And how do you suppose that will go over?” I raised my eyebrows and waited.

She stared at me for a long moment without blinking. “What…” I watched her face as the realization spread across her features.  “Of course…he’ll expect me to be much older.”

I rapped my index finger against her temple. “You got it. I’ve actually aged a good bit since I saw him last.  You…” My eyes swept over her beautiful face and down her lush young body. A body that hadn’t changed in over two hundred years. “Not so much.”

Victoria shook her head, rolling her eyes skyward. “How could I forget?”

With a smile, I raised one shoulder.

“You’ll go…?” Her eyes flashed toward the building.

“Of course.  Wait here.” I threw the door open but stopped before getting out.  “Should I say anything to him…you know, ‘Victoria says hello,’?”

A quick smile was the only answer I got, so I hopped out of the car and closed the door soundly behind me.

Undoubtedly, Victoria would be anxious waiting in the car. It couldn’t be avoided. As she was well aware, nearly forty years had passed since Elton had seen Victoria in France. Time had not been nearly as kind to Elton. She knew the man wasn’t blind. He would notice. Victoria has a way of making an impression on a man. Even a rock star at the height of his career.

Even after more than thirty years, Victoria had still been fresh in Elton’s memory.

* * *

“The great Elton John…I’m honored.” How could I explain it even to myself. I was shaking Elton John’s hand!

The legendary musician leaned in to whisper in my ear. “Could I get my hand back? I might just need it tonight.”

There was a distinct twinkle in his eye as he peeked around me at the Yamaha grand piano in the center of the room. 

I quickly broke off contact and laughed nervously. “Sorry. I suppose I’m a bit…star struck?”

“You needn’t be. Any friend of the beautiful Victoria is a friend of mine.  How is she these days? Has life been kind to her?”

An involuntary smirk crossed my lips. “Life has been amazingly kind, as a matter fact. She hasn’t aged a bit.” I tried not to laugh. How many people have said exactly that when the opposite was true? No, Victoria had certainly not aged a bit since last he saw her.

“It’s a pity she couldn’t come herself. I would have loved to catch up. Is she still married to…?”

“Sebastian?” I finished his sentence. “He’s no longer in the picture.”

Elton nodded. “Good. Good.  Strange gentleman. Gave me the willies.” He paused for a minute, gazing off into the distance as if replaying the past in his head. “He had marvelous taste in jewelry, though.”

My eyebrows furrowed together. As far as I was aware, the only good taste Sebastian had was in choosing Victoria.

“You don’t look convinced.” Elton interrupted my thoughts.


“The jewelry? Does Victoria still have that interesting gold necklace with the black stone? She wore it many years ago in France, and I’m afraid I became quite enamored with it.”

A slow smile lit my face. “I am familiar with that particular necklace. It was a gift from Sebastian. As a matter of fact, Victoria asked me to get rid of it.”

Elton’s eyes popped wide. “Get rid of it? Whatever did you do with it?”

With a dismissive shake of my head I answered him. “Nothing yet. It didn’t seem right to throw it in the trash, but she won’t let me make money from it either.”

“It’s a funny story…” Elton said. “Victoria might recall, some time ago I asked her to sell that piece of jewelry to me.  Of course, at the time, she refused.”

“Funny.” I nodded absently, looking around room. “You wouldn’t want it now, would you? All these years later?”

A wide smile split Elton’s face. “As a matter of fact, I would.”

* * *

I stood outside the door to Elton John’s Atlanta home and waited for someone to come to the door. I knew he was in there…the doorman volunteered that much. I didn’t even have to show him my fangs.

I could faintly hear the thrumming of a heartbeat coming from the somewhere inside and then the door swung open.

“Hello Elton.”


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Posted on January 5, 2012 .