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Claude plucked a sprig of oleander from the counter, crushing it between his fingers, and pretended to look into the boiling pot. “Do you have any idea how long they’ve been gone?” he whispered, leaning in until his head nearly touched Sebastian’s.

Sebastian glared over his shoulder at him and resisted the urge to sink his fangs into the flesh at his throat. He owed him at least one good bite. “Of course, I do.”

“And you’re not at all concerned about that?”

 “Of course, I am.” Sebastian ground his teeth and turned back to the simmering brew in front of him.

“Well? What do you suggest we do?”

“We make a fresh batch of the tonic. Just like the batch I made for you the other day.” Sebastian shot Claude a sideways glance.

Claude gave a curt nod, and pushed back the threat of a smile.

“Besides,” Sebastian breathed. “Victoria can take care of herself. And from everything I know of her, Elizabeth would never harm her sister. Victoria has always been her favorite.”

“Yeah, but a lot of time has passed since they were just a couple of girls swapping secrets.”

 “You’ll learn…that is if you live long enough,” Sebastian flashed a quick grin. “Time doesn’t change us all that much.”

“So I can assume you’re just as sweet as you ever were?”

Sebastian’s eyes tightened into narrow slits. “You talk altogether too much.”

“Would you rather play cards? One hand of poker…winner take all.”

“Are we playing for the amulet? I haven’t forgotten you’re the only one who seems to know where it is.”

Claude smirked. “We’ll play for Victoria…the amulet is hers anyway.”

“No…the amulet is mine.”

“Correction, gentlemen…the amulet is mine.”

Both Claude and Sebastian spun around to face the portly vampire.

“And if I’m not mistaken.” Thomas turned his wrist to check his watch. “We only have a few hours before sunrise. I trust the serum is close to being finished? As I understand, we need to consume it at least an hour before the sun.”

“Yes…that’s correct. You’ve done your homework,” Sebastian agreed. “The tonic will be ready in plenty of time.”

Thomas ran a hand over his forehead, as if to wipe away a phantom bead of sweat.  “Have we acquired the amulet yet?”

“It’s at the top of my list,” Claude quipped.

“Excellent,” Thomas nodded. “Everything seems to be in order then. I do hope the girls are back in time.”

Sebastian turned off the flame under the pot. “They will be.”

“Good. Send them to the library when they arrive. I wish to have a word with them.” Thomas turned and glided out of the kitchen.

“It’s at the top of your list?

Claude shrugged.

“Are you planning on telling me where it is?”

“Not really.”

Sebastian slammed his fist against the marble, creating a fissure that ran the length of the counter. “I’m tired of playing your foolish games, fledging. When the sun rises,” Sebastian lowered his voice to barely a vibration in the air. “I will be the one to walk into the sun wearing the amulet…if it means stepping over your dead body to do it.”

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Posted on March 14, 2012 .