tales of the daywalkers (winners announced)

What does it mean, to look like a character? Who says what that character really looks like outside of one’s imagination? What is it about them that jumps out at you?

These are the questions our judges tried to answer when going over the photos submitted in the Daywalker “getting into character” contest. I was very excited to see all the fun entries come in for each character. I was especially glad I didn’t have to do the judging. I left that up to Kelly Gamble and Justin Bogdanovitch. And trust me, this was no easy task.

Ciara Ballintyne as VictoriaVictoria - 


In all my years…and there had been a lot of them…I had never experienced a sensation quite like this. My icy core was ablaze. While Sebastian ravaged my mouth, Claude involuntarily fed on my blood. My body ached in places I hadn’t known in decades, possibly never, if I was being honest. This was the one hunger I hadn’t allowed myself to indulge in for far too long. And it was intoxicating. I was positively drunk with desire.



Steven Walker as SebastianSebastian -


I would gladly bargain with the devil, himself, and all the flames of hell for but a fleeting moment in the sun with you.  And trade all eternity for just a single day…a single hour…a single minute basking in the glow of your love. If I could ask but one thing of you, it would be to return my love with even a glimmer of the fervor with which it has been given.  All the world would be yours in exchange. 


RWW Greene as ClaudeClaude -


The hunger was nearly unbearable. Infinitely worse than when I tasted Victoria earlier. But it wasn’t her blood my body craved. My desire for her was something altogether different. And it would have to wait. At that moment, my basic requirement was to feed.

My fangs lengthened. It was the most unusual sensation…almost sexual. My teeth tingled as blood surged through my gums, swelling the canines until they slid out on their own. As my fangs fully elongated, the tingling spread throughout my entire body. The need to drive them deep into flesh until blood poured down my throat was overpowering.


Congratulations to the winners! You all rock! And to the judges, thank you!


Until the next time…I’ll be working on season 2!

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Posted on March 25, 2012 .