tales of the daywalkers...the love letter

The Daywalker Chronicles will be back next week with brand new episodes. This week is a special reprint of The Love Letter for those of you who missed my guest post on DC McMillen’s blog.

My Dearest Victoria,
I think of you, and I am certain I have been bewitched.
In these final moments before the dawn, as the bitter streaks of morning stain the sky like a trail of blood, I think of you. I have nothing but your faded portrait, and your tender words written in a letter not meant for me. But I hold these things as dear as if they were my own heart, beating in my hands. It is here, in the endless abyss fashioned solely by your absence that I wait. My only solace comes from conjuring the image of your lovely face in the dark recesses of my mind. The mere shadow of your countenance chases away the last vestiges of night, like a comet blazing across a velvet sky. And you, like its bright tail, are forever burned into my vision. Darkness has no purchase as long as I am able to envision you beside me in this dreary barren place. My darling, it is no longer gravity tethering me to this earth…it is you. My center. My sun. I gladly surrender myself and go willingly to my doom. What sun…what moon…could compete with such beauty? What stars dare glimmer in your presence? There cannot be a heaven above us while you walk upon this earth. Nor a hell more frightening than a life without your love. I would gladly bargain with the devil, himself, and all the flames of hell for but a fleeting moment in the sun with you. And trade all eternity for just a single day…a single hour…a single minute basking in the glow of your love. If I could ask but one thing of you, it would be to return my love with even a glimmer of the fervor with which it has been given. All the world would be yours in exchange.

Your humble servant…
Sebastian animated
Until the next time…I’ll be writing!
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Posted on April 15, 2012 .