the tales of the daywalkers - week 4 replay

Due to circumstances beyond my control, this week’s new Daywalker episode has been postponed. (I promise it wasn’t intentionally designed to make you wait.) So until I can get the new episodes up and running, I decided to replay a favorite from season 1. Enjoy!

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The Daywalker Chronicles“What I made you do? I didn’t make you do anything, love.” Sebastian crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the wall, a smug smile perched on his lips.

My mouth popped open of its own accord. “You interrupted my mealtime. You drank from me, making me even weaker. You…” I pointed at Claude’s lifeless body slumped on the floor as I rattled off accusations. “You opened a vein, knowing full well it would entice me to drink from it. Then you deposited him at my feet. What was I supposed to do?”

Sebastian toyed with a trinket he pulled off an adjacent shelf, avoiding eye contact. “Well, if you had a problem with eating at home, you shouldn’t have indulged.”

I pressed my hands over my ears. “Shut up, Sebastian. Do not speak to me. Not a single word.” My eyelids fluttered then shut. I had to think. I couldn’t leave Claude like that, all broken and bled out on my expensive wool rug.

I opened my eyes and kneeled beside him, pressing my fingers against his ravaged throat. There was the faintest pulse. Not enough to sustain him indefinitely, but he hadn’t yet expired. “He’s still alive.” I groaned. How selfish was I to yearn for one last sip? He was absolutely scrumptious. Like a decadent French pastry.

“He won’t be alive for long by the sound of it.” Sebastian interrupted my guilty cravings and I glowered at him. “There is something you can do, of course.” He put the knick-knack back in its place on the shelf and pushed away from the wall.

I shook my head. “No, I can’t.” I knew what he was referring to, but it was simply unthinkable.

Sebastian took his place by my side with a shrug. “It’s your choice, love. But if you won’t change him, there’s no point in letting him go to waste.” His fangs extended.

“Don’t touch him.” I cried, shoving him out of the way.

A wide grin lit his face and I wondered if he had planned this all along, although, for the death of me, I couldn’t imagine why. He despised Claude, and ironically, he did so without knowing the whole story. A story I wasn’t prepared to share with him. Ever.

“I just can’t,” I groaned, again. My hand clutched Claude’s and I could feel his life slipping away with every faint beat.

“Really Victoria, if you refuse to change him, at least let me finish him off before he goes bad. There’s nothing worse than the stench of a spoiled human.”

I glared at him through narrowed eyes as I lifted my wrist to my mouth and recklessly sliced the less than delicate flesh open with my fangs. Blood quickly bubbled to the surface and I winced. Not from pain, but from the choice I was making. I was never given an option and hated Sebastian for deciding for me. Would Claude hate me for making this decision for him? What about the promise I made to his father almost thirty years ago? Was this fulfillment or betrayal? I had no idea. The only thing I was absolutely certain of was how I couldn’t possibly go on in this existence of mine without Claude by my side. It was a strange certainty, but there was no question it was true.

“You stay away from him, you’ve done enough already,” I snapped. His quizzical look told me Sebastian had no idea how much of a part he actually played in all this.

I pressed my wrist to Claude’s cool lips, hoping my blood would have time to work its way into his empty veins.

Sebastian shook his head. “You’re not giving him enough.”

“How do you suggest I make myself bleed faster?”

“Like this,” he swept my hair away from my shoulder, hesitating just long enough to gaze into my eyes before plunging his fangs into my neck for the second time in one night.

A gasp escaped my lips as my head fell back in his hands. My fingers snaked around his arms to keep from falling. I was shocked, but more than that, I found myself strangely aroused.

Sebastian tore his mouth away from my throat and pressed his blood soaked lips to mine. It was a delicious kiss that ended as unexpectedly as it began.

“What was that for?” I touched my fingers to my lips.

He bit back a grin and shrugged. “I just realized I hadn’t kissed you yet.”

I raised an eyebrow. “And this seemed like the right time?”

“It did,” he grinned, then leaned in until his lips brushed my ear. “I had almost forgotten how marvelous you taste.”

I moaned.

It was an involuntary reaction, one I could have staked myself for, because he immediately surged in for another round of toe curling, gasp worthy, stolen kisses. I was so distracted by Sebastian’s seduction, I barely noticed as he carefully positioned Claude’s mouth over my open artery.

In all my years…and there had been a lot of them…I had never experienced a sensation quite like this. My icy core was ablaze. While Sebastian ravaged my mouth, Claude involuntarily fed on my blood. My body ached in places I hadn’t known in decades, possibly never, if I was being honest. This was the one hunger I hadn’t allowed myself to indulge in for far too long. And it was intoxicating. I was positively drunk with desire.

I would have felt guilty if I hadn’t used up my daily allotment already.

“Sebastian,” I whispered between kisses. “Why are we doing this?”

“It’s what we do, my love. Don’t you remember?” His lips tipped up in a smile but he never slowed his attack on my mouth.

A cool hand slipped under the hem of my gown, exploring its way to my waist. I could not believe I was allowing this to happen. Was I actually going to have sex with my husband? How unbelievably cliché of me. What I wanted was to hate him. I had spent so many years doing just that. Then again, I was hardly putting up a fight. I was far too busy delighting in his touch. I didn’t even dare to think how much of this Claude was aware of during his metamorphosis.

Before I realized what was happening, my gown was tossed aside and I was wearing nothing but the glow from the moon as it sliced through the divided glass in the French doors. Somehow it escaped my attention that Sebastian had removed his clothes, but there he was, as glorious as I remembered him in his undressed state.

He pulled his lips from mine again and turned his head to the side, exposing his pulsing carotid to me. Taking his cue, I sank my teeth deep into his flesh, savoring his tantalizing elixir as it gushed down my throat.

Even in my complete state of euphoria, it was not lost on me that I was engaged in the most bizarre threesome of my entire existence. Sebastian and I alternated feeding on each other as Claude drank from me. We were awkwardly arranged on the floor, limbs tangled in every direction as cool hands explored my body.

It took me a few minutes to realize it was more than one pair of hands caressing me…it was several hands in fact…and none of them were mine.

I froze in place, my fangs instantly retracting from Sebastian’s throat. “Claude?” I whispered.

Sebastian groaned, “Must we talk about him at this particular moment?”

“Hmmm?” the familiar voice inquired.

This time, Sebastian froze. “Was that…”

“Yes,” I breathed.

Claude propped himself up on one elbow and I suddenly felt very naked.

“Why is it I’m the only one at this party wearing any clothes?”

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Posted on April 22, 2012 .