the blood of the first (week 2)

Weekly Vampire Serial Fiction.

The Daywalker Chronicles, Season 2. The Blood of the First.

The Daywalker Chronicles“No! Please don’t lock me in the cellar!” I cry out. My insides clench painfully as my silent heart threatens to pound in protest. “Claude? Elizabeth?” My pleas reverberate inside my head, but I get no reaction. “Can anybody hear me?”

It’s no use. My screams, deafening to my own ears, make no sound.

“I wish she could hear us,” Elizabeth whispers, her cool fingers brushing hair from my face.

“I hear you, Lizzie.” I sob.

“If she could, I’m sure she’d be pretty mad right about now…she hates the cellar.” Claude squeezes my hand, and somehow, I know he’s smirking.

He can’t hear me.

“Oh, Claude…please don’t leave me down here!” I beg, again…my voice an illusion only I can hear.

The cool satin interior of my white coffin caresses my skin. I can feel every touch, so why can’t I move? I know I’m alive…or as alive as I can be.  I can smell the damp, stagnant air around me…the warm unappealing blood coursing through the veins of some nearby rodent fills my nostrils as I draw in shallow breaths. Why are they locking me in the cold dungeon of my house? Why am I paralyzed inside my coffin?

Why can’t they hear me?

“So, the blood of the first…that’s the first vampire?” Claude asks and then I wait in silence for Lizzie to respond. She doesn’t. “So how do we find this first vampire, and what makes you think they’ll be willing to give up enough of their blood to heal Victoria?”

“Father did over a century’s worth of research. He knew all about the blood of the first, and how to find it.”

“Well, maybe you should have thought about that before you ran a stake through his heart.”

“Funny, Claude,” Lizzie says, her voice full of sarcasm. “Victoria said you had an interesting sense of humor. I see now what she meant. Catherine knows everything Father knew. She knows where he kept his journals. We need to find his journals.”

“I wish she were with us,” Claude says somberly, trailing the bones in my hand with his finger. “She’d know what to do.”

Claude’s hand moves abruptly, and I can smell Lizzie’s perfume waft by my nose. “Don’t be ridiculous. She knew nothing about this. She didn’t even believe the stupid amulet was powerful,” she tugs at the chain hanging around my neck and her voice cracks. “Now look at her.”

Oh Lizzie.

“Hey.” Claude’s voice is soothing. “It’s going to work out…we’re going to save her,” he coos.

“You’re right…of course, you’re right,” Lizzie says brightly. “We need to go…where’s Sebastian?”

Claude laughs. “Probably eating one of the neighbors…he’ll catch up to us before we reach the edge of town. Trust me.”

And then they’re both laughing…and their voices are getting smaller as the air around me shifts. It’s the lid. They’ve closed it. I can only barely hear them now, but not their voices.

I think…are they hugging?

“Goodbye, Victoria. We’ll be back for you…please don’t worry.” Lizzie’s distant voice promises me, and then the air around me is silent.

They’re gone…and I’m locked in this cellar alone.


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Posted on May 1, 2012 .